List of ESF/FOSE volunteers (as of 9.9.2017)

Country coordinators (“SuperFriends”)
Belgium Luc “Ibis” Rubben
Cyprus Marios Christou
Denmark Björn Skjelsager
Niels Troels-Smith
Greece Constantine Tsolakidis
Iceland Julius Adalsteinsson
Luxembourg Claude Frantzen
Poland Agnieszka Pospiszyl
Norway Knut Slettebak
Sweden Monica Alsén
 Olle Alsén
UK Alan Beavis
SuperFriends coordinator: vacant: a.i. Jørgen Rasmussen
Other country contact persons
– working towards SuperFriend (10 FOSE)
Finland  Laura Grönlund
Timo Muttonen
France Pierre Arlaud
Samuel Trouvé
Germany Siegfried Riediger
Italy Paolo Fiora
Spain Mario Diaz Martinez
Patricia Diniz
Switzerland Thomas “Kirk” Hirt
European Events: Vacant
Annual country visit & Annual FOSE meeting (“FOSE Tours”)
Lene Johansen & Peter Stephansen
FOSE Certificates Monica Alsén
Pre-application advice: Arnaud Taets
Evaluation and acceptance: David McKee
Aministration and publications Niels Troels-Smith
Follow-up, execution, reporting Céline Bonneau
Communications – Website – Facebook – Leaflet
Communications, Facebook , Leaflet Paolo Fiora
Website Radu Stinghe
Website Niels Troels-Smith
Data analysis and evaluation: Siegfried Riediger
FOSE project payments, fee reminders, mailings:
Walter Hofstetter
Legal advisor, compliance with Swiss law:
David Jenny
Eric Frank Trust (UK): Jørgen Rasmussen
Leader Training Fund: Siegfried Riediger
Board and officers:
Honorary chairman: Jørgen Guldborg Rasmussen
Chairman: Henrik Söderman
Vice-Chairman:  David Jenny
Treasurer:  Walter Hofstetter
Board member: Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag
Member of the ESC: Lars Kramm
Regional Treasurer: Thankmar Wagner
Secretary, Regional director David McKee