Astronomy camp for scouts




 Astronomy camp for scouts

Project objectives

Educate a group of 60 scouts about the basics of astronomy. Learn them to orient in nature  during night using a stars. Educate them to successfully overcome the necessary requirements for “Astronomer” badge. Popularize science within scouts to contribute to the implementation of the scouts mission. The project is not time-limited, it can be held any time of the year.

Project description

The project would consist of three phases.
The first phase would include: forming a project team, making the program  of the camp together with professors from Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences University of Novi Sad, animating the participants,  registration of participants and the purchase of necessary materials. For this phase of project we would need two months.
In the second phase, we would held astronomical camp of 6 days for 60 participants in a location suitable for observing the night sky. Camp program would be implemented through lectures and practical workshops. Camp participants would be members of our Scout Group and other Scout Groups, older than 11 years.
In phase three, we would have done the evaluation of astronomical camp, making reports of the project, publishing text about astronomical camp in web science magazine “Astronomy”  and celebration. This phase last for about a month.

Other relevant information about the project


Scout group “Boško Palkovljević Pinki” Sremska Mitrovica

Project coordinator Aleksandar Kočić – Email – Phone: +381 64 3413820



Transportation of participants and equipment     500€
Food for participants and speakers for 6 days    1500€
Workshop supplies                                                     600€
Participants packages                                                 600€
3 new tents for participants                                    1200€

Total expenses   4400€

Income from own sources                                      2000

Food for participants and speakers for 6 days    1500€

Transportation of participants and equipment     500€
Income from other sources

Guest speakers lectures from Faculty of Sciences Free

Publishing text in the web magazine                        Free

Total request from FOSE                                       2400

Workshop supplies                  600€
Participants packages             600€
                      3 new tents for participants  1200€


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