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Lithuanian scouting / Vilkaviskio “Grazinos” skautu draugove


Project name:

Better for 100 years


Project objectives:

Project objectives are – to encourage Vilkaviskis scouts to be interested in their country’s and scout history, culture, citizenship, the activities of the scout movement; – to develop young people citizenship and understanding of democratic values, to promote positive change, involvement in activities and initiative, social inclusion and tolerance towards other peoples by organizing sharing good practices, using non-formal education methods in organized experiential training in meetings with current Vilkaviskis scouts. – to give young people, especially project participants, the opportunity to develop their responsibilities, management, communication and collaboration and other skills. – to publish a publication about Vilkaviskis scouts after collecting information about the historical events of Vilkaviskis region; – to create an exhibition on Vilkaviskis scouts – to organize 100 jubilee of scout movement in Vilkaviskis and gather scouts from different period of time to enhance good practice and learning from others; – to discuss the results of the whole project in an organized exhibition and final project conference, where we also would talk about volunteering activity, citizenship education, democratic values, personal scouting experiences and etc.


Project description:

For over 110 years, the World Scout Movement has contributed to the education of young people through experiential learning, non-formal learning methods, commitment to oneself and others, and good works. In 2020 we will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the scout movement activities in Vilkaviskis, which is a great opportunity together with other young people to initiate the gathering of Vilkaviskis scout history, to discuss the culture, historical events, citizenship, youth activities, democracy, rights and responsibilities, other aspects, and learning from each other about active citizenship. With this project we aim to celebrate the 100 years anniversary of scouting in Vilkaviškis and to make sure that everyone in our towns knows about scouting. We aim to publish a book on Vilkaviskis scouts about all 100 years of scouting (interwar, exile and restoration of scouting in free Lithuania). Also we wish to create an exhibition on roll-up stands which we would like to share with at least 5 different places in our region. In May 2020 we wish to gather all Vilkaviskis scouts from different timelines and scout friends who helped in our activity and have a nice party in which we would share our experience, memories, skills etc. Also to make a video of this celebration. In October 2020 we wish to organize final conference dedicated to Vilkaviskis scouting in which we would gather Vilkaviskis region teachers, students, parents, scouts from all Lithuania to discuss about volunteering service, citizenship education, democratic values, personal scouting experience and its benefits, etc. and encourage young people. Also it is very important to educate young people so we want to organize several workshops for current Vilkaviskis scouts. We believe that this project would help people know much more about scouting and its impact on people in general.



Roll-up stands (15 pieces) – 975 euros (65 euros per each)

Editing for roll up stands – 500 euros

Transportation of exhibition to different places – 200 euros

Editing of the book – 600 euros

Editor (language) – 400 euros


Income (own sources):

684 Euros from our own expenses 1128,67 euros from Vyduno jaunimo fondas (Vydunas Youth foudation)


Support required from FOSE:

2,675 Euros


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