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Project name:

Central heating in scout house (Nitra)


Project objectives:

Provide functional central heating in the scout house. Representatively arrange the interior of the scout house. Increase our offer of activities for the scout communities in Nitra scout region and for the community in the neighborhood of the scout house (workshops, educational events, community events, artistic events etc – we would like to interact mainly with the neighborhood and elementary school in the city district). Increase the amount of regional scout events held in the scout house.


Project description:


Region of Nitra, Nitra Community Foundation, and a number of minor local companies.


CURRENT SITUATION: The scout house breathes with its specific atmosphere and location near the forest offers an ideal place for a wide range of scout activities. Due to the low temperature in cold weather, we do not use all rooms and thus the potential of the house is not sufficiently utilized. The old heating has been dismantled for safety reasons so the room temperature is unstable when there is no one to tend the fire during the day. The room temperature of our scout house during the winter only reaches 5-8°C. The consequences of extremely low temperatures include frozen and/or burst pipes and deterioration in the building. Temporary heating facilities help increase the inner temperature, reaching approximately 15°C to 20°C. This could lead to algidity or other health complications of our members. The volunteers and also the children are cold during their meetings in winter time and they do the hygiene in ice cold water.


PROJECT SOLUTION: We want to make full use of the scout house’s potential by providing high-quality equipment for its indoor space – in particular by securing the heating of all rooms. After the heating system has been installed, we will be able to organize more activities including weekend sleepovers even in the cold months. Central heating will provide hot water as well, which is inevitable in an institution like this (kitchen and bathroom). The financial donation will help us build a new central heating that will cost approximately 4,500€. Other financial costs will cover other interior furnishings – purchase of floor coverings, window and door seals, wall and wall coatings etc. We want to cover some of the resources through fundraising activities, which are expected to help us get non-financial support from local sponsors. Apart from our regular activities, our scout house will serve as an educational centre on local and regional levels. Central heating will enable us to offer our club house for the usage of other scout group sleepovers in cold months, too.


BENEFITS: Eco-friendly and economical central heating system in scout club house; harmless and cosy rooms suitable for children and volunteers; constant temperature with positive impact on the building’s condition; hot running water; more activities for scouts and public.


Expenses :

6400 €


Income (own sources):

1600,00 €


Support required from FOSE:

4800 €


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