Clubhouse for the biggest central Bohemian scout unit – Czech Republic – Funding Found



Country :

Czech Republic


Association :

Junak – Czech Scout Association


Project name :

Clubhouse for the biggest central Bohemian scout unit


Project objectives :

The scout unit in town Říčany is the biggest unit in the central Bohemian region. Currently it has 324 members. Scouting in Czech Republic has been very popular during the last years and many new kids are applying to become members. In Říčany all the troops are meeting in the 50 years old small clubhouse without proper facilities. Because of that we had to say no to tens of kids who wanted to join our scout unit. The intention is to build a new clubhouse where all the troops would have sufficient space for all of their activities and we could be able to accept more kids to join. The project of new clubhouse construction is divided into two phases. First one (underground level with storage and facilities) is planned to be realized in the year 2020. The second phase (above-ground level with the clubhouse rooms itself) is planned for the year 2021. Because the project is extremely financially demanding, the second phase could be postponed in case that we are not able to gather all financial sources. Even the first phase only would be a big help for the scout unit, because it would add the missing facilities that could be used by all the scout unit members.


Project description :

The new clubhouse will be a two-level building with an attic. It has been designed by the architects – members of our scout unit. Brick basement will be used as storage of the summer camp material and there will as well be the facilities. The wooden first floor should contain small kitchenette, office and big clubhouse room. There would be another two small rooms and storage in the attic. The clubhouse would be utilized for the scout meetings approx. 4/week and during the weekends. In order to even extend the building utilization and as well to help the local community, we have pre-agreed with local schools and preschools, that they could use the clubhouse for their activities during the morning hours. This has been very appreciated by the local community, as there is a lack of the school and preschool premises as well.


Expenses :

First phase of the project will cost 120.000 € The second phase will need another 176.000 € Total expenses are calculated for 296.000 €


Income (own sources) :

Currently, we have following sources of income covered: – 60.000 € – our own scout unit savings – 32.000 € – public collection (contribution from members, friends, families, local community,…). The public collection is still running and we expect to get at least another 8.000 € – 8.000 € – support from national scout organisation Resources being under consideration and still not confirmed: – 80.000 € – grant from the town Říčany – 12.000 € – grant from the central Bohemian goverment – 56.000 € – additional grant from the national scout organisation Remaining sourcing should come from sponsorship, other grants, material and services discounts and self-help during the construction.


Support required from FOSE :

4.000 €


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