Construction of National Scout Camp – Montenegro – Founding Found






Association of Scouts of Montenegro

Project name:

Construction of National Scout Camp

Project objectives:

The Association of Scouts of Montenegro has signed a contract with the Government of Montenegro on the lease of 13 875 m2 for a period of 10 years with the possibility of extending the period of at least another 10 years or by purchasing land in Grahovo, a small village near city of Niksic. The signed agreement clearly envisages the establishment of a Scout camp with strong state support for the achievement of the objective. Our main objective is to form a National Scout Camp, which would be used by Montenegrin Scouts, as well as by Scouts from all over the Europe (mostly from Belgium, Germany, France, Israel) who visit Montenegro mostly during the summer where they organize camp (some of them include cooperation with Scouts from Scout Units from our Association).

Project description:

The Association of Scouts of Montenegro has spent more than € 30,000.00 in the last 4 years for accommodation of its members in private camps in Montenegro for Scouting summer vacation, winter vacation and for trainings for Scouts. The money we spend in other camps can be diverted to ours, which would primarily reduce membership costs, improve quality, etc. The construction of National Camp is divided in six phases. First phase includes landscaping and afforestation works. Second phase includes the procedure of obtaining the necessary Urban development and technical requirements issued by Montenegrin state authorities. Third phase includes works on electrical, water and wastewater system installations. Fourth phase includes works on sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) and making of storage room. Sixth phase includes making bungalows for sleeping. At this stage, we already did a Preliminary design of Scout camp with all the facilities. We already had a contact with local electrical distribution company and with the local water supply company. They informed us about connection point for electrical power and water, so the next stage is to set up electrical and water installations from connection point to our camp. We already had meetings with authorities from Municipality of Niksic, as well as with the President of Montenegrin Parliament, where we presented our Preliminary Design of our Camp.


Total expenses for Scout camp of Association of Scout of Montenegro would be around 42000 euros. At this stage, the priorities are: electrical and water supply installations from connection point to Camp itself, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets), wastewater system, construction of kitchen and storage room. With these things camp would be able to start with its work. Later on, the construction of bungalows, dinning room and other would continue. Note: All the objects that would be constructed will be temporary and mobile, so they can be moved to different location in case of need.

Income (own sources):

Most of the incomes would come from Montenegrin and international Scouts during the summer season. If we build the camp, all the activities that were organized in other camps around Montenegro would now be organized in it, so we would increase the income. Also, Scouts from Europe, who visit Montenegro during the summer, they mostly look for accommodation in private camps, and especially they are looking for accommodation connected with volunteer projects, which can have a positive impact on the Scout camp itself at Grahovo. The National Youth Organization in Montenegro, other youth organizations in the country as well as other organizations in the survey conducted by the Association of Scouts of Montenegro stated that they would be happy to conduct their training, activities and actions in the Scout camp if it existed and operated within the Association of Scouts of Montenegro. We calculated that fixed cost of a camp for a season (June, July, August) would be around 3700 euros.

Support required from FOSE:

8500 euros



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