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Project name: Different or Equal

The aim of the project is to make possible for the young people who live without parents to, through adequate activities, together with their peers-scouts, live without prejudices and the sense of marginalization, developing into the responsible individual of the local community.

Through planned workshops and hand craft activities, according to individual interests, the project participants will develop new skills. On one hand, those will be specific skills that contribute to the personal development of an individual. On the other, the environment in which the camp will take place will contribute to better socialization of children and young people, which will contribute to the development of transferable skills – such as team work or communication. We expect that after the end of the project, a new scout patrol will be formed from the project participants in no more than 6 months. That patrol should gradually develop and spread the values that result from the project itself. In this way, it will promote the values of the Scout Movement and contribute to a better image of the organization, which should also be reflected in the strengthening of the Scout organization in the local community.

The goals to be achieved through this project:

  • To meet and make friends with other young people
  • Socialization of youth living without parents
  • Care for themselves and friends
  • Protection of children’s rights
  • To acquire of the knowledge and skills necessary for the development of the young person
  • To create a responsible individual for his own local community
  • To promote the volunteerism and the health way of life
  • To promote the responsibility in development of local community

The project will make possible for 30 young persons (15 + 15) aged 11 to 16 to live and grow up together. That way they acquire one different experience, where they act differently in various conditions, respecting themselves and others, with tolerance and correct communication.

Project description

The entire project starts with the recruitment of volunteers, scouts. The preparation of volunteers involves special workshops and trainings so that scouts, project participants are completely prepared for possible challenging situations. Trainings in this area, as well as motivational meetings should provide the basis for a successful project.

In addition to 30 project participants, the project preparation will involve 12 people, who will later lead the camp. Beside them, other scout leaders, approximately 20 of them, will take part in a two-day training for working with children who live without parental care. That training should further strengthen their skills. In this way, by educating young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, we ensure that individuals have a constructive role in society and contribute to the development of their local community.

The recruitment of the camp participants is done by a specialized institution – a center for children who live without parental care.

The camp program should respond to the needs of the camp participants, but should also provide the necessary challenge.

  • Media campaign

There are many local TV and radio stations. We have planned to guest at five TV stations (Belle Amie, The TV station of the city of Nis, TV Zona) that are broadcast outside of Nis as well as in the city of Nis. The other four TV stations do not have their own program. We have also planned to guest the radio stations (City radio, Radio Banker, Belle Amie, etc.) and the main local newspapers – The Narodne Novine, and E-news such as Južne vesti and Gradjanin.
There would be press conferences in the media center of Nis that would announce and present the project, and announce the camp.

Appearances on the TV programs will have the corresponding supplements (coverings)

  • Including the volunteers:

The Scout Association is based on the principles of volunteer working that is volunteerism. The members of our Scout group are volunteers who by their engaging contribute to the developing of the better society.

The volunteer’s work and their engagement in this project, because of the target group’s specifics) demand greater responsibility of the volunteers’ coordinator.

The phases in the volunteers’ engagement are:

  • Recruiting (with the emphasis on the activities in the field of psychosocial support and work with the young)
  • Mutual agreements & integration
  • Including the young people who live without parents

Including of the young people who live without parents, aged 13-17, will be done with complete cooperation of the tutors from the Home. We’ll use previous experience and approach.

  • Including the scouts-participants

The scouts aged 11-16, are making the other part of the participants in the project. They will learn about the democratic principles of the society and live together with the young without parents.

  • Running of the two workshops (activities)

The workshops are run by leaders and facilitators, which have the license for the work with young people. The workshops leaders have also to fulfill the criterion of previous experience with this or similar group. Workshops will not be carried out at the same time; there will be certain time break between each of them.

  •  Friendship Camp

There will be 42 people taking part in the camp: 30 of them are the participants (15 of whom are the participants from the Home) and 15 scouts. The camp will gather 6 volunteers that will work at the camp as logistics, and 4 trainers that will work with the participants. There will also be 2 tutors. The camp is an opportunity for the young who live without parents to meet their peers and live together learning some important things, making friends and actively taking part in the process of the socialization of a person.

In order to completely answer the needs of participants, we have included the Symbolic frame, something that they can identify with. The camp lasts 6 days and each one of them will have its own color.

During the camp, we will take care that our activities contribute to all areas in the development of an individual: social development, mental, emotional, intellectual, creative and character development. All this will be provided and enforced with prepared handouts and great experience the leaders already have.


1 st 2 nd 3 rd 4 th 5 th 6 th
The Violet day The White day The Blue day The Green day The Red day The Yellow day
Arrival get up, morning activities, meditation
Breakfast time
I have my rights … Challenge valley

(team building)


(all day)

Inside-out I

(handcraft, my sculpture,…)

Science zone
‘’my sign’’ … and obligations Explorer zone
Lunch time Lunch time
Relax time Relax time
human bingo meet my new friends (role-play game) sports I Inside-out II (making a posters, postcards…) Find your self
my adventure sports II
Diner time
person next to me is… free time Closing ceremony
evening program, fun activities Departure
good night story
bed time
free-choice activities
work in small groups (team tasks)
personal skills


Other relevant information about the project

SCOUT GROUP “MIJA STANIMIROVIC” enters this project with great previous experience in work with young people that live without parents. Scout group “Mija Stanimirovic” will be providing in-kind donation for the project. The group will support the project by using its own material resources: computers, printer, scanner, telephone, internet, and the staff that is not directly involved in this project but could certainly help the realization of the project with their knowledge and experience. Beside the experts in the field of finances, pedagogy, law, sociology, that work as volunteers and make the adults resources of the scout group, the great help will be the teams working in the scout group more than five years, making the professional teams in different fields.

The recruitment of the camp participants is done by a specialized institution – a center for children who live without parental care.

Beside the scout group “Mija Stanimirovic” from Nish, the carrier of the project, there are others also included:

Scout friends (from USA) who have so far donated 600 USD.

Small business companies operating in the vicinity of our scout group are ready to support this idea through donations in the form of refreshment, juices, etc.


Scout group “Mija Stanimirović”, Ratka Vukućevića 5, 18000 Niš

  1. Project coordinator Miloš Ristić  –milos.ristic@vtsnis.edu.rs
  1. Phone number of project coordinator +381.



  • Accommodation and food for the participants and the (42* 7 days) 3,150 €
  • Transportations expenses              500 €
  • Excursion                                           350 €
  • Equipment and program materials –
    Technical material (flip chart, markers, pens, paper, badges, posters, material for printer…)   250 €
  • T-shirts and other signs                   500 €
  • Refreshment for the participants during the activities 200 €

Total expenses 4,950 €

Income from own sources: 700 €

Small business companies operating in the vicinity of our scout group are ready to support this idea through donations in the form of refreshment, juices, etc.

Income from other sources: Scout friends (from USA) who have so far donated 600 USD.

Total request from FOSE 3,750 €


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