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Tallinn Scout group “Hedgehog” – Estonian scout association

Project name:

Generation meeting «Once a scout, always a scout»

Project objectives:

This year, the scout group ’Hedgehogs’ from Estonia celebrates its 25th anniversary. In total, 538 scouts have taken part in activities throughout these times. The group is an active member of the Estonian Scouts Association and the largest scouts group in Estonia. The ‘Hedgehogs’ actively take part in charity events and volunteer on a regular basis inside the country. They have been to worldwide scout gatherings (Jamborees) in the UK, Austria, Finland, Denmark, and Russia. They have close scout-friends in Canada, Chez Republic, Lithuania, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Belarus, and Russia. The group develops teaching material and methodology on leading scouting organizations at the local and national level and conducts events and camps at the local and international levels. ’Hedgehogs’ actively promote scout movement on the local and international level Within the framework of the anniversary event, the group aims to complete the following objectives: • to organize a meeting of five generations of scouts, in which everybody could share their own experience, knowledge, and skills in regards to scouting, and tell how scouting had influenced their lives. With this event, we will ensure the sustainability of our scout troop. • The event also aims to raise awareness of scout group values and traditions and to inspire the younger generation to be more engaged civically. • Additionally, we aim to promote the Scout movement on the local level and attract new members to our scout troop. We want to achieve this aim through: 1. Media promotion of scout movement 2. Video that will be filmed throughout the project and edited later. 3. Stories of our scouts, how scouting has improved their lives. 4. Scouts themselves by being active during lessons, promotions.

Project description:

The event is held over 2 days, which include both formal and informal parts. 1) The formal part takes place in one of the schools in Tallinn and includes a bright festive program with performances and presentations by group members, group friends, parents, guests, media, and partners. The formal part also includes gift-giving. Every participant will receive a symbol of the scout movement – an anniversary tie. About 250 people are expected to participate in the formal part. A buffet will be organized with guests, including a celebratory CAKE. 2) The informal part consists of 2 days full of activities. It takes place in an out-of-town facility and includes about 100-120 guests (active scout groups, parents, and older generations of scouts). Following subjects will be brought up during the informal part through active participation: values of scouting and scout groups, communication of experience of older scout generations through inspiration rooms. During the inspiration rooms, our young scouts will film videos of their personal stories, how scouting influenced their lives. Through this, young scouts will be able to develop their digital skills. One of the aims of this event is also to give participants the possibility to spend their time in an informal setting in nature. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other, cook food on a campfire, and play active games via workshops and masterclasses. Gala dinner will include an entertainment program written by older scouts. On the second day, participants will sum up their experience and group members will plan their future scouting engagement.


Facility Rental 1450 EUR Nutrition on second part 900 EUR Ties 1000 EUR Transport 330EUR Presents 600 EUR Formal part coffee break 500 EUR Video recording facility 200 EUR Room decoration 320 EUR Equipment 200 EUR Total: 5500 EUR

Income (own sources):

2150 EUR

Support required from FOSE:

3350 EUR


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