Growth Through Scout newspaper “The Flame”




Growth Through Scout newspaper “The Flame”

Project objectives
1. Provide various approaches to membership growth in Scouting / Inclusive Growth
2. Bringing back to life “The Flame”
3. Creating two new scout badges – journalism and designing
4. Increase the educational level of the movement
5. Inspiring children for bravery, co-operation and determination
6. Scouting as entertainment through cartoons, comedy and other feature pieces.
7. Creating new and modern Communication action plan

Project description
First Scout Unit of Skopje (PSIO) is the oldest reconnaissance unit in the Republic of Macedonia. It was established in the autumn of 1952, in order to transform into the Association of the Scouts of Macedonia (SIM) in 1953. Over the years PSIO has changed its name in honor of Marshal Josip Broz Tito, president of the former SFR Yugoslavia, but after the independence of Macedonia the Unit has resumed its primary name – the First Scout Unit of Skopje.
PSIO is defined as a non-governmental organization, an independent, non-political, non-profit, voluntary and educational organization for children and young people open to all regardless of nationality or religion. There are more than 100 active Scouts in our unit categorized in several age groups and are distributed in 5 flocks, 4 patrols, 2 clubs of high school scouts, and 1 club of rovers that are guided by their leaders – volunteers…but we need more.
In the 90-ties our Scout Unit was publishing a monthly Scout newspaper under the name “The Flame”. The newspaper was the best thing every scout was waiting in the beginning of the month. It was delivered to every scout unit in Macedonia by bike or post. The purpose of the newspaper was encouraging every scout to give their own contribution and be published in the next number no matter the age of the scout. There are around 40 numbers of “The Flame” full with stories and articles written by the scouts about everything scouting can offer as well as tips, tools and advices for activities indoor and outdoor. With the beginning of the 2002 around the war crises in the country our unit suffered regarding its members and the budget so the remaining scouts were forced to end the newspaper. Many times scouts from all around Macedonia are writing to us wishing we bring back to life “The Flame” so the leaders from First Scout Unit of Skopje decided that it is time we do it again for these new generations, – give them the opportunity we once had.
Today we live in a digital world and as well known the kids are surrounded with all the technology. Only few of them know how to write a proper text and article. This is why we are planning to readapt The Flame into a modern electronic newspaper but also do some printing examples for the archive legacy.
In the proposed project we are going to include 12 scout leaders (the whole team is very active and you can see their scout work on our Facebook page and our web site working with more than 100 scouts in our Unit and over 2.000 other scouts from Macedonia who are going to enjoy the opportunity to engage and increase their educational level under the Scouting. The opportunity to be directly involved in The Flame will be presented to other primary and high schools in Skopje.
We are going to present the newspaper in around 10 – 15 institution for what we already have permission from the several Municipalities as well as the Mayor of the city Skopje. This is how we plan to involve more and more new members to our scout family. This project will provide a Scout forum full of discussions about scouting around the world and how to become members to the biggest family worldwide.
The age range for this project will be form 11 – 18+. The content of the newspaper will offer many different subjects interesting for all ages. It will include non-formal and informal education full with articles on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, hiking, backpacking, sports, SDG and how to work on this, sustainable development, leadership activities, managing volunteers, social inclusion, scouting in other countries worldwide, interviews from other scouts but also business and other stakeholders important to scouting now and in the future.
We don’t want to put a strict frame because we like to empower everyone to be involved not only from scouting but as we mentioned some potential new members. Also in “The Flame” we are going to write about big scout events and centers that can be visited only if you are a member and as we the scouts know, there are a lot of attractive places and opportunities of meeting new people.
For extra motivation of course we are going to create new scout badges for journalism and designing. This way we are encouraging the scouts and new members to use their computer time with better quality and actually create something everyone would like to see or read. With these we have a guarantee that the table of content in “The Flame” as well as the drawings is safe and full.
To make everything go perfect we are going to establish editorial scout team composed of our scout leaders. Our first activity will be a great teambuilding where along with every scout leaders we are going to write the new communication action plan for the Unit and the electronic newspaper will be one of the key elements for implementing it. This way we will divide everyone with their own responsibility and role in the newspaper. After this teambuilding we are going to dedicate our regular meeting in presenting the new-old newspaper and how it is going to function and then the team will announce the competition on scout articles and start collecting material for publishing in “The Flame”.
The second activity will be opening new menu section on our web page where the newspaper will be published with printable option. The scout expert who is going to run the software will start organizing extra meetings on learning new scouts and potential members how to run and create web page using WordPress, how to design and have active online tool. Also for our non-Macedonian friends we will provide English reading of the newspaper that will be uploading on YouTube.
We strongly believe that everyone will like to join and be part of the newspaper as well as in our scouting family. Reviving “The Flame” will bring new and fresh energy among scouts and scouting in Macedonia and with it to contribute in growing the scout movement.

1. Lap top – Processor: Intel Core and good graphic specification = 500 EUR
We don’t have any computer at our Unit and this one will be excellent choice not only for drawing and using design programs but also for many other activities such as using projector for presentations. The computer will be fully available to our Scout Association as well as to other units on their request.
2. Teambuilding costs = 650 EUR
The teambuilding meeting will take place in our Scout Centre “Forest house” for five days working on the Communication action plan and the newspaper as a tool, dividing the responsibilities to all leaders.
– Transport = 200 EUR
– Food and accommodation = 400 EUR
– Wood, electricity and water = 50 EUR
3. Printer Color Laser Jet Pro MFP = 200 EUR (Income – own sources)
The point is to prepare and publish “The Flame” from start to finish in our Scout Unit with everyone participating.
4. Photocopier and laser printer paper & Toner cartridge 20 packs of 4 colors = 400 EUR (Income – own sources)
5. A scout leader – web developer and designer = 500 EUR
Person who will be in charge of developing new options, managing the web and designing, but also as expert who will have extra classes on teaching the scouts and new members how to work and manage website and work with WordPress. This is modern and attractive way of using the scout method element Learning by doing. On the meeting we are going to invite other scouts from different scout units from Skopje.
6. Promotional material = 100 EUR
Scout-made (not ordered by a company) cards and stickers as a promotional material for the newspaper. The design will be made from our scout expert also and printed in our Unit.
7. Embroidering badges = 140 EUR
Create two new badges for journalism and designing, 100 of each, for what the cost are 0, 70 euro one. The total amount for 200 would be = 140 euros.
Total = 2.490,00 EUR

Income (own sources)
600,00 EUR
The Scout Unit along with the elder Scouts not so active these days and with the Scout parents will provide goods in this amount. Together we are going go buy the printer and the paper along with the cartridges.
Support required from FOSE
1.890,00 EUR





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