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Project name:

Increasing the capacity of the Scout forest school

Project objectives:

  1. Enabling creative and attractive mountain environment 2. Creating and facilitating learning from shared experiences that encourage children and young people to be responsible individuals useful to our society. 3. Promoting scouts who care and strive for active children and young away from technology and maintain a healthy environment 4. Encouraging proper social, physical and emotional development in children and youth 5. Modern and affordable outdoor work program 6. Providing possibility for more scouts to visit the Scout forest school by getting tents, camping beds and bags and camping shelves

Project description:

The Scout Forest School is located on 1000 meters above sea level on Kitka mountain small village Mala Reka within the Jakupica mountain ranges southeast of the city of Skopje 40 km. This Scout forest school is managed by our scout unit – First Scout Unit of Skopje for more than 4 years with help and support from the local people.

The Scout Forest School has existed for 4 years where with the support of the members of the American Chamber of Commerce in North Macedonia (AmCham) the private sector has donated more than 8.000 euros (500,000 mkd) to provide a creative and attractive mountain environment and create and facilitate learning from shared experiences that encourage children and youth to be responsible people useful to our society that contributes to building proper social, physical and emotional development in children and youth. Over the past 12 months, scouts have been able to significantly enrich the program and its outdoor activities by building an adventurous zip line, a volleyball net, trampoline, ground carting, slack-line balance exercise ropes, an outdoor cinema and equipment. During this one year we realized 2 national autumn and spring camps that were visited by more than 80 scouts, 1 international youth camp with scouts from Belgium for 60 scouts and 2 weekends to strengthen the capacities of young people who are the future of our organization and country, the one who should continue volunteering to support a stay in the mountains with rich content as anywhere in the world 40 scouts. Our motivation remains the fight against the stereotypes that quality life is achieved through indoor Eco-lectures. Through this project, which is a continuation of the “Scout Forest School”, we want to increase the existing capacity in order to be able to safely visit even more children and young people from the country and beyond. Namely, currently the Forest School has only 24 beds in the closed facility, and as we mentioned, the interest for staying in nature is and will grow much much higher. Considering the new Corona virus situation, we need to provide more capacity to be sure that up to 2 or 3 scouts can be in one tent according to the recommended distance. In the next period following the Covid19 safety measures we look forward to organize several camps such as summer camps a three-day camp in nature where participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the techniques, art and crafts for building useful wooden buildings, but at the same time building an adventure program. The forest is the best place to connect professionals and children who can exchange experiences, stories, and at the same time learn a new skill and create a product that will be useful and adventurously available to all mountain lovers. During the camp, the participants will live in a camp that they will build themselves, sleep in tents and together they will prepare the food, which will strengthen the spirit for greater cooperation and care for each other. These values are increasingly neglected, and young people are growing up to be selfish citizens with no sense of community. On the camp we will organize Eco-workshops aimed at raising awareness of a clean environment followed by an action to clean up waste across Mount Kitka. Several more camps are planned to be organized during September such is leadership camp for youth and next leaders and October the traditional Autumn bivouac -life in nature and of course in the next years. This project will directly affect not only all participants (scouts and new members) who will be directly involved but also the general public starting from parents, close relatives, peers and educational institutions to encourage more frequent visits to the mountains. With the realization of the project, conditions will be provided for everyone who wants to be able to spend quality time in nature followed by an adventure program. The project directly affects the improvement of the quality of life among young people, because every walk on the mountain and clean air prolongs our lives, taking into account that we live in an extremely polluted city. Through the implementation of this project and achieving the results through the planned activities, skills of the target group will be built which will directly affect the capacity building of the civil society organization and sustainability in terms of creating skilled and capable generations of young people who will support and inherit strong motivation for an adventurous stay in nature. The project will give a whole new picture of staying and teaching in nature – service provided by Scouts. Also through this project we will increase the number of new scout members in our scout organization. The Scout forest house with all its props are always open for every scout unit in the country and outside.

This is excellent period for us to start the project and during winter months to make all the technical and logistical preparations so together with our scouts in early spring to build wooden substrate and install the tents above for safe staying during the planned 2021 activities such as: training for scout leaders – Scouts for SDGs (April/May 2021), spring camp for scouts aged 7-10 and 11-14 (April/May 2021), Training of trainers (June 2021), international camp with French scouts (July/August 2021). Every event is planned having the public health protocols regarding Covid19


Expenses :


  1. Big tent 9 м² – 7 x 187 Euro = 1309 Euro
  2. Camping bed – 31 x 31 Euro = 961 Euro
  3. Camping table with chairs – 7 x 51 Euro = 357 Euro
  4. Camping kitchen – 7 x 82 Euro = 574 Euro
  5. Camping shelves – 7 x 56 Euro = 392 Euro
  6. Camping cabinet – 7 x 64 Euro = 448 Euro
  7. Camping cutlery – 7 x 51 Euro = 357 Euro

All the needed equipment and its prices are based on internet research with shipping to Skopje, since unfortunately we don’t have camping and this kind outdoor shop in North Macedonia.


Income (own sources) :

First Scout Unit of Skopje along with our social responsible partner companies will provide and finance 2500 euros and will cover the transport of the equipment and purchase of the wooden pallets as well as part of the equipment.

  1. Wooden pallet base 7 x 27 pieces = 189 pieces = 802 Euro
  2. Transport of the equipment from Skopje to mountain Kitka – Scout forest house= 300 Euro


Support required from FOSE:

3000 EURO


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