Leave no trace camp – Poland




Leave no trace camp

Project objectives

  • to educate scouts who enjoy the outdoors about the nature of their recreational impacts, as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts,
  • to improve teamwork skills among scouts,
  • gaining independence,
  • building ecological awareness,
  • spreading ecological attitudes,
  • working on human relations,
  • building responsibility for the environment,
  • associating with local community,

Project description

The project is mainly based on troop camp which will take place 27.07 – 10.08.2018 in … Before there will be training for each group how they have to prepare themselves to the camp.
At the core of these camp will be the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace. It is important to learn and practice Leave No Trace skills for every single outdoor activity. We will try to take care about natural environment as much as possible during the camp to teach leave no trace rules to let scouts be awareness ..

Main activities:

  1. Bivouackes for each group on hammocks in a forest directly in harmony with nature
  2. Hikes in a mountains
  3. Meeting with mountain guides, workers of the national park and mountain rescuers
  4. Cooking on fireplace
  5. Workshops with masters
  6. Orienteering
  7. Wood tinker
  8. First aid workshop
  9. Observation and tracking animals
  10. Scout service in cooperation with national park
  11. Cooperation with local community, get to know traditions …

Number of participants: 70 participants, age 10 – 19

Number of leaders: 13

Days: 15



Item No. unit price Total
Hammock 30 12 euro 360 Euro
Tarpaulin 30 5 euro 150 euro
Rope 200 m 0,30 60 euro
Cauldron 4 35 euro 140 euro
Kettle 4 35 euro 140 euro
Pot 4 set 50 euro 200 euro
short wave transmitter 8 40 euro 320 euro
camping shower 4 20 euro 80 euro
Renting mountains guides 6 100 euro 600 euro
mats 30 10 euro 300 euro
tourist bucket 8 10 euro 80 euro
tools 4 set 100 euro 400 euro

Income (own sources)

Participant fees to cover food and accommodation expenses – app. 14.000 euro (depending on numbers)

Support asked from FOSE: 3.500 euro


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