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Hungarian Scout Association

Project name:

Local scout centre development – Szentendre

Project objectives:

We have two objectives in this project: 1. Extend our local scout group centre in Szentendre/Hungary with 1 additional room to increase capacity of the house in order more patrols can meet on the frequented evenings. Now the building has 2 rooms but on Fridays we co-use the house with an other community so for us remains just one only. Every day we would need at least 3 rooms for the patrol meetings. 2. Save and refurbish the current building. On the attached pictures you can see the very poor condition and also the leak on the ceiling. We have 1 year for the implementation as we also applied for other fund and we cannot exceed 12 months with the construction. We are not able to meet both objectives without FOSE help but it is crucial to save/refurbish the old house. It is also therefore important as the two objectives also depend from each other due to technical construction reasons.

Project description:

Our group (902. Kucsera Ferenc scout group) was founded in 2014. Now we count 141 scouts in 14 patrols. Our centre for weekly meetings was granted by the local government but it has become small by now. We started the development last autumn with new garden pavement, new kitchen, shower and toilet change and new electricity wiring. All this with our parents’ and scouts’ help. Now the scope is wider and needs the involvement of a professional construction company. Offer has been provided but the total amount exceeds our own funds. We will reduce the cost of some items by using voluntary help of our families. (painting, moving soil, etc) The construction work must be started this year due to funding conditions.


52 632 EUR

Income (own sources):

We have 3 other sources for the project implementation 1. Local Hungarian fund applied in value of 25 000 EUR 2. Group equity of 12 000 EUR 3. Local fundraising at our 120 families: 10 650 EUR

Support required from FOSE:

5000 EUR


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