Ludo game championship – Slovenia





Country : Slovenia
Association : Zveza tabornikov Slovenije / Scout Association of Slovenia
Project name : Ludo game championship
Contact person : Nicolas Vanek
Email :
Phone : +38631456852
Address : Trebenče 17, Cerkno, Slovenia 5282 Slovenia

Project objectives :
The goal of the national scout Ludo game championship is to connect the scouts of all ages from all parts of Slovenia. In winter, when outdoor scout activities are not as popular, this is the best way to bring scouts from all around Slovenia together, in order to make new and keep old friendships that may help them in their further scout and/or work experience. Ludo game championship expectations: – 250 contestants from all parts of Slovenia – 50 volunteers to help with organisation – 5 media publications (2 of those on national level)

Project description :
The scouts from a small Slovenian town, Cerkno, realized that Slovenian scouts only meet each other on competitions that include scout skills. In 2008 they started to think about a competition, where the result would not be the only important thing. And this is how the fun scout Ludo game championship was born, and also repeated for 6 times in the next years. The last championship took place in 2016 and there were more than 250 competitors from Slovenia and also Italy. This year’s championship is going to take place on 20th of January, 2018, in Cerkno. The competition in separated in rounds. In the beginning, all players play 3 games, where they collect points. The players with the most points proceed in the next round, where only one game is played, and the best two players proceed in the next round. The process is being repeated, until there are only 4 competitors left to play the finale. The finale is the main point of the championship, because it is played in the gym, where we use people as figures and throw a giant dice. Active preparations for the championship started on 22. September 2017, when the steering committee was formed. It includes the championship leader, the main judge, the programme leader, the sponsors collector and the PR person. The steering committee is going to meet on monthly basis in order to plan the championship that is going to take place on 20. January 2018. On 27. January 2018 there is going to be a valuation meeting, which is going to result in a written report of the organisation of the championship. The report will be saved in the archive of the local scout unit, and when it is finished, also the championship is completed.

Expenses :
The championship expenses are expected to come from:
Propaganda – 100 €
Rent of the space where the championship is taking place – 300 €
Food – 400 €
Brooches for the competitors – 100 €
Competition and programme accessories – 400 €
Travel expenses of the volunteers – 300 €
Together: 1700 €

Income (own sources) :
The championship has always been financed by the contribution from the competitors and our local scout organisation that comes from the membership fee and the local tender that supports the local youth.

Support required from FOSE :
Since we would like to make the championship free of charge for the competitors, we would like to ask you for a donation of 1500 €. This amount would let a bigger percentage of Slovenian scouts visit the national Ludo game championship, meet new friends and make the world better together in the future.

FOSE recommends a contribution of 1.000 €

Bank information – name and adresse :
Bank information . account holder: DRUŠTVO TABORNIKOV RAJ CERKNO
Bank information: account number : SI56047520000546063
Bank information – IBAN : SI56047520000546063
Bank information – SWIFT : KBMASI2XXXX


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