Master Course “COGITO” for Guide and Scout Leaders




Master Course “COGITO” for Guide and Scout Leaders

 Contact persons:
Joanna Skupińska – in terms of course content and substantive details
tel. 0048 22 339 07 20, mob. 0048 669 252 091
Główna Kwatera Związku Harcerstwa Polskiego
M. Konopnickiej 6 Str., 00-491 Warszawa
Aneta Radziszewska – in terms of project application –, 0048 664 969 291
Główna Kwatera Związku Harcerstwa Polskiego
M. Konopnickiej 6 Str., 00-491 Warszawa

 Project objectives

Through this programme, and in coherence with the “Adults in Scouting World Policy” of WOSM, the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) would like to help adults to strengthen their responsibilities in order to better deliver the Youth Program and support the organization structure.

This project aims to enhance participants’ knowledge in all aspects of the Scout and Guide movement.

The objectives of the course are to:

  • explore the idea of the “Scoutmaster” rank in relation to the participant’s own personal development and maturity, and help him/her to improve his/her abilities accordingly;
  • inspire continuous self-improvement, especially in learning how to make choices, to make decisions, become autonomous and free, develop and express opinions;
  • develop a sense of responsibility for the ZHP and the entire Scouting and Guiding movement.

Project description

The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) has three ranks in the development of Leaders:

  • Przewodnik – Guide;
  • Podharcmistrz – Pre-Scoutmaster;
  • Harcmistrz – Scoutmaster.

To achieve every rank, it is compulsory to complete a training session. The “COGITO” course aims to support leaders in reaching the highest rank. In other words, the “COGITO” course stands next to trainings for future Guides and Pre-Scoutmaster as a course referring to Scout Values shaping leaders’ attitudes and skills.

The ZHP’s education system also has a whole range of specialized training courses to prepare leaders for specific functions among the organization, e.g.

  • training for future and current trainers,
  • programme training,
  • training for district leaders and treasurers,
  • training for camp leaders and treasurers.

Between December 2017 and June 2018 ZHP will conduct the seventh edition of the “COGITO” course. Since 2012, over 160 scoutmasters aged 21 and above, have already followed this program. The seventh edition of the course will be prepared for 24 participants from all over Poland. The course will last for 6 months. The program will include three weekend meeting and intensive work between the meeting dates.

In performing the course, the Scout Method will be extensively used. The participants will:

  • work in patrols to take their own responsibility for the tasks they are expected to do
  • have to write an essay related to the Scout Values
  • be required to increase their knowledge on Scouting and Guiding in different area – such as economical, social and ethical issues.

The course is made out of three blocks: Identity, Pathway and Trace.


This block will help participants to:

  • detect their own needs in terms of personal development, behaviour and skills
  • take the appropriate steps to reach their desired objectives.

The course will be focused on four aspects: heart, mind, will and intellect.

This block will allow the participants to act as real leaders – according to the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association – both inside and outside the Movement.


This block will inspire the participants to reach the Scoutmaster’s rank, to continuous self-improvement, to increase their ability to make choices, to take their own responsibility and to become autonomous and free.

It will also lead the participants to take more responsibility in the Scout and Guide Movement, as well as within the ZHP Association.

The course aims to:

  • help the participant to reflect on the Scouts values and to master them
  • encourage the spirit of freedom.

The Trace:

This block will require the participant to take concrete actions, based on what he has learnt in the first two parts of the course, taking into account  both the roots of early Polish Scouting and Guiding and the realities of modern-day society.

Practically speaking, the participants will:

  • take part in a series of discussions,
  • meet other leaders,
  • put into practice their own improvement steps.

They will have a chance to experience and lead real situations.

Strong personal commitment is expected from participants. They will have to:

  • show that that they understand the need for personal development
  • xpress their values and beliefs, looking at ZHP as a whole and taking into account the diversity of views.

At the end I believe it is important to stress that, without FOSE support, the participation fee would be 160 EUR per participant, which would be too much for the average participant. The “COGITO” course is aimed mostly for young people – students and those who have just started their first job. Considering they have no or low revenue, it is important for ZHP to provide external support for those young people who would like to develop themselves.

 EXPENSES AND INCOME Participation fee FOSE support TOTAL
Office supplies € 100,00 € 100,00
Participant kits € 350,00 € 350,00
Programme services € 950,00 € 950,00
Transport services € 250,00 € 250,00
Accomodation € 650,00 € 650,00
Food and beverages € 270,00 € 850,00 € 1.120,00
Printing material € 400,00 € 400,00
TOTAL € 1.320,00 € 2.500,00 € 3.820,00

IBAN: PL 21 1140 1010 0000 5392 2900 1035
mBank S.A., Krolewska Str. 14, 00-065 Warszawa, Poland

The owner of the account is ZHP’s HQ.


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