Montenegro – headquarters remake.


Headquarters remake for Montenegro’s Scout Association.



The Association of Scouts of Montenegro – Savez Izviđača Crne Gore

 Project name: Refurbishing national headquarters

 Contact person (name, email and telephone number, full address)

Momčilo Zeković (President of Association of Scouts of Montenegro)
Savez Izviđača Crne Gore Association of Scouts of Montenegro
Bracana Bracanovica 70/A, 81000 Podgorica Montenegro
Telephone: +382 67 503 483
e-mail: and

Project objectives

Establish the new national headquarter for the Association of Scouts of Montenegro. The building that we plan to refurbish will serve both the National Organization and all members of our NSO. This new office will :

  • be open 8 hours a day (office hours)
  • employ a staff member paid by the Government of Montenegro for a period of two years.
  • provide adequate working conditions for the employees.
  • provide a meeting place for scouts from other parts of the country.
  • help to plan national activities
  • improve the human resources management of the Association on a national level.

This building is crucial for the Scout Association of Montenegro, especially having in mind the recent rapid growth, the ongoing new projects and the planned initiatives for the near future.

6) Project description

In 2011, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Montenegro allocated an office in Podgorica (capital city) to the Association of Scouts of Montenegro.
The office has not been used for a very long time, has no furniture and needs to be refurbished.

For this reason, the Association of Scouts of Montenegro – Savez Izvidjaca Crne Gore requests a grant and a loan to refurbish the building and carry out the following necessary works:

  • plumbing,
  • electrical installation
  • replacement of windows and doors
  • renovation of interior/exterior walls.

This building is crucial for three reasons :

  • It will help the NSO to organize national meetings, seminars and provide useful information to its members.
  • It will increase the NSO’s credibility towards its business partners.
  • Having an office in the capital city will allow us to be a stronger partner with regards to the development of youth policy in Montenegro.

7) Expenses

Based on the project, the Association of Scouts of Montenegro has entrusted the assessment of all the costs to construction companies, which sent the following offer:

Refurbishment of the office: 3.000 EUR
Electrical Installation: 1.200EUR
Bathroom: 980EUR
Basement and walls: 1.800 EUR
Furniture: 1.400 EUR
Total: 8.380 EUR

8) Income (own resources)

Out of the 8380 EUR, the NSO will eventually provide a financial contribution of 65% (due to the dual request of a loan – to be reimbursed – and a grant).
Additionally, the Association of Scouts of Montenegro will offer a contribution through its members: Rover Scouts, whose profession is Architecture and Civil Engineering, have offered their professional services to the Association of Scouts of Montenegro for this project.

A member of our Association, Aleksandra Lalatović, MSc Architecture, has offered a technical solution to refurbish the building.
Kaća Backović, Msc Civil Engineering, will provide solutions for the water supply network.

The volunteers for Association of Scouts of Montenegro will also be involved in the project.

9) Support required from FOSE

-2800 EUR in the form of a grant

– 5580 EUR in the form of a loan

10) How will the NSO plan to reimburse the loan (source of income and length of the loan)
The loan would be reimbursed in three years as follows:

  • Through the membership fees. The Association of Scouts of Montenegro has increased its membership by 400 people last year. This year only, we expect a growth of 300 members. Considering that the Annual membership fee is 5 EUR per person, the fees linked to this year increase only would allow us to pay a large part of the first tranche.
  • The budget of the Association has recently increased with more than 3000 EUR through various national donations.

The Association of Scouts of Montenegro earns revenue through its own national scout shop and could dedicate part of the earning to partially reimburse.

Information on bank

Account no. – and account holder name  SAVEZ IZVIDJACA CRNE GORE NVO PODGORICA
IBAN. ME25510000000001159869


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