Motivate Children of Eartquake Victim – Turkey










Project name:

Motivate Children of Eartquake Victim


Project objectives:

As you all know, when the work that needs to be done at the time of disaster is finished, the main task is left to the organizations that work to keep the morale and motivation of the people high. After the disaster, we, scout leaders, have great duties in order to overcome the traumas experienced by people and especially children and young people.


Project description:

PROJECT SUMMARY 1-The region is experiencing very cold winter conditions. “Catering tents” established in the disaster area by our organization. These tents are planned to serve hot tea, soup, water, biscuits, cakes etc. for 24 hours. As many buildings have been damaged in the area, tent-building efforts are underway. Because aftershocks are still going on, earthquake victims are afraid to enter their homes, and most of them have to live in tents until permanent housing is built. 2-In order for children and young people to get over their traumas easily and to be able to socialize, we have established large general purpose tents for morale, motivation and scouting games activities at many points. 3-Resources are needed for supplies and hygiene supplies to be used by our Scout volunteers 4-6 piece of 4×4 Search and rescue vehicles belonging to our organization will serve in the region.



1-There is a need to meet the travel, food and insurance expenses of volunteers who will come to the region from all sides of Turkey. 2-Resources are needed for supplies and hygiene supplies to be used by our Scout volunteers 3-Fuel and maintenance costs need to be paid Expenses: Travel Expenses: *Each term 7 Days 30 people will be employed. 1 person’s arrival and departure fee to the region is 400tl average.30*400=12000tl=1500 euro Hygiene and consumable expenses: 1 person average is 100tl. 100*30=3000 tl=450 euro Food Expenses: 1 person per day is 60 tl. 60*30=1800 tl 1800*7=12600tl=1900 euro Scout leader and volunteers ‘ insurance expenses: 1 person’s insurance cost is 60tl. 60*30=1800tl=300 euro Fuel Expenses Of Vehicles: 50 lt diesel for a vehicle in 1 day is 400 tl. For 2 vehicles in total 2*400tl=800 tl. 800*7=5600 tl=850 euro TOTAL EXPENSES(One Week): 5000 Euro


Income (own sources):

1-General purpose tents have established. 2-Vehicles that works in side 3-Accommadation of volunteers 4-Scout activity materials


Support required from FOSE:

5000 euro


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