Project Objectives:

1. To provide a training and development opportunity for young people.
2. To build universal sailing boats – “Optimists” that will be used to strengthen Lithuanian sea
scout programme capability so as to offer sailing as an activity to young people who would
otherwise not have access to sailing (training and educational programmes).
3. To be adaptive, mobile and sustainable with sea scout programme nationally and take active
part in local Ukmergė community life;

Project Description:

This project is a next step and continuation of our challenge which started back in 2014,
when local sea scout group managed to build first Lithuanian sea scout training boat “Laumė”. Since then Lithuanian sea scouts focus in sailing and boatbuilding, reparation became possible way of boat development.
Mobility of boats, ability to use them in different waters and need of standard training boats class clusters are the next important issues and our next big challenges.
We decided to challenge next issues by forming 1st mobile tool for sailing – to build new boat fleet ourselves.
This tool consists of minibus, trailer with 8 Optimist class training boats and rescue/scout leader motorboat. This pack of equipment will travel to different parts of the country and provide sea scout sailing programme where and when it’s needed. It will be used for scout outdoor adventure educational programmes to introduce sailing for schools, youth groups and organizations nationally as a practical method to promote sea scouting in Lithuania.
In order to achieve project goal and have long-term effect, project has 2 main phases of development:

1. Boat building and mobility tool creation (winter 2016 – spring 2017). Already started in 14th of November 2016 (Facebook diary: www.facebook.com/ukmerges.juriai). We are building 8 Optimists out of locally produced plywood. Two boatbuilding sites were created: Youth leisure centre in the city and another in rural school (project partner). Project is advertised nationally and some young people with parents are coming from other cities to help and learn. Boatbuilding has two purposes:

1) to build boats and develop personal skills of:
woodworking and boatbuilding, problem solving, drawing interpretation, numeracy and teamwork; to empower and influence young people to raise ideas and implement them, to learn how to develop projects.
Trailer and special frame will be created to transport 8 Optimist and motorboat to various locations and waters.

2. National sailing programme (summer – autumn 2017). This programme has two purposes:
1) to offer sailing possibilities for sea scouts nationally (trailer with equipment will travel to various camps, trainings, regattas);
2) Sailing programme will be offered to schools, youth organizations and groups (for young people who would otherwise not have access to sailing). It will also influence local community to participate in sea scout activities and events and get hands-on experience. This programme is a long-term and already has long-term affect.

Other relevant information about the project:
– 500 young people will be involved (1st year only), project activities will take more than 700 hours;
– Lithuanian scout outdoor adventure education centre “Scout valley” will provide minibus, rescue motorboat and
all necessary equipment and support in the future (www.skautuslenis.lt/en), project has other partners too;
– Project implementation plan and detailed information about project budget is enclosed to this application


Boatbuilding sites preparation, boat drawings and printings, participants travels to/from sites and all boatbuilding organizational expenses
1. 2 sites to prepare – 150€ 550km/week*25 weeks – 1350€

2. Materials and tools to build 8 optimists: plywood, epoxy and fiberglass, sails, stainless steel parts, paint, rigging details, safety airbags, etc.
Estimated price per 1 Optimist ~912,50€ – 7050 EUR

3. Trailer, trailer frame and cover Trailer-1500€, frame, cover-500€  – 2000 EUR

4. Sailing programme organizational expenses National training programme: – 3650 EUR

5. Promotion and dissemination of project results and other expenses 5% of total expenses + promotion 750 EUR

Note: For detailed budget, is available
Total expenses (EUR): 14 800
Income from own sources (EUR): 11 365
Income from other funding sources (EUR): 1 075
Funding request from FOSE: 2 360


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