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“ R.O.O.F. – Real Opportunity for Our Future”

Project objectives are following:

  • Preserving one of the organization with the longest tradition in Bela Palanka.
  • Stopping further destruction of the scout hut as a gathering place of scouts and other young people from Bela Palanka,
  • Creating the new opprunities for futher undisturbed work of the local scout group,
  • Making facilities for further non formal education of scouts, children and youth from our town.

Project description

The main aim of project “ R.O.O.F. – Real Opportunity for Our Future” is to help building the new roof and ceiling at the Scout house by including of scouts and leaders in all project phases. The project itself will consist of 8 phasis:


Through this phase leaders and scouts will plan the whole proces of building the roof considering the fact  that they all need to give their volonteer work and free time for this joint aim. Of course, this phase considers very good managing with time.

Demolition and disasembling

This phase will be done mainly by volonteer engagement  and work of our leaders and older scouts (explorers) followed by expert/contractor assistance and their advices. Also it will include taking out old materials wood and roof covers and transport by truck to the landfill.

Carpentry works

This phase will be done mainly by contractor, but also with permanent assistance of leaders and scouts.

Roofing work

Roofing work will be done by contractors but again leaders and scouts will help moving the tiles up to the roof. Also learders and scouts will be responsible to paint certain number of tiles in white and to put them on the wright possition to make word “scouts” at one side of the roof and word “izvidjaci” at the other. On that way the roof it self will be very good reclame for scouts if you look at it from surrounding hills or from the upper parts of the town!

Sheet metal work

This phase will be done also with the contractors and leaders and scouts will help by lifting up gutters to the roof.

Masonring and painting

This phase should be done by contractors and leaders and scouts will help out. During this phase contractors and scouts should put the new ceiling and paint it.

Insulating works

Insulating works consider putting the insalatioin at the new ceilings and this job could be done by leaders and scouts with the expert assistance of contractor.

Evaluation and celebration of the results

In this last phase all those included in the project will be asked to give their feed back on the project and  evaluation should be done thorugh a method which will be chosen later. At the very end of the project the big celebration of the results will be organized by scouts in the Scout house!

Other relevant information about the project

Bela Palanka is small place from south east Serbia with about 14.000 inhabitants and with the enormous rate of migration to the bigger cities. Going back to the history Bela Palanka was very important place in the Roman Empire called Remessiana (our Scout group has the name took from the previous name of this setlement from Roman period) and one of the biggest settlement in this part of Balkans.  Nowadays, Bela Palanka is in the ranks of the most devastated and undeveloped areas and it is officially on the state list of the 40 most underdeveloped cities in Serbia! Today, Bela Palanka has one of the biggest unemployed rate in Serbia, Bela Palanka is the town which has been leaved by youngsters every day, Bela Palanka has very low standard of leaving,…

Scout group “Remizijana” from Bela Palanka exists and works in our local community since 1959. For all these years we manage to enlarge the scout movement for more then 6.000 children and youth and give them unique non formal education by working with them though scout method. Today, Scout Group “Remizijana” has abouth 80 members and beautiful scout house which we use to assemble not just scouts, but children and youth from Bela Palanka in general. Scout house itslef has 2 working rooms, dinning room, kitchen, office and small storage and it has about 180 square meters.

Unfortunately, a roof in scout house,  that is more then 70 years old, a year ago began to provide wather. This made the ceiling in the scout house almost completely destroyed and wooden construction at the roof is almost completely broken. This causes very often scout meetings and other activities to be postponed or cancelled. So, the top priority in future activities of Bela Palanka’s scouts will be to provide a funds and build the new roof, as this is necessary if we want to continue with further work of our scout group. Unfortunately, our Scout group has no funds to deal with this problem. Bela Palanka local community wants to help, but they also don’t have enough budget to deal with this as they already help funding the new roof at the elementary school and some similar projects. Bela Palanka mayor has ensured us that our local community will help with about 20% project if we provide the rest.


Scout group “Remizijana”

Project coordinator: Mladen Cvetkovic (Board Member) – Email:
phone number of project coordinator +381 64 1981683


Total expenses: 11.500,00e  (100%)

Income from own sources: 1.150,00e (10%)
volunteer work give by leaders and scouts and preparation of technical documentation and and construction project

Income from other sources: 2.300 e (20%)
support by Bela Palanka local community (we can send an official confirmation for the donation from our local community)

Total request from FOSE: 8.050,00e (70%)


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