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The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association


Project name :

Real Scouting


Project objectives:

Organize minimum 10 camps in 5 years, – children will get a knowledge about lining in harmony with nature – each child will get minimum one badge after 2 camps.


Project description:

Through our project children from excluded rural areas will get an opportunity to participate in ecological and forest educational programs. They couldn’t afford that equipment. At the moment they can’t participate in this type of activity. Camping will give them an opportunity to build a sense of responsibility and self-reliance. It will also open their minds for surrounding nature. Camps will be organized for 5 years, minimum 2 per year. Children will get knowledge about living in harmony with nature. They will learn how to cook on a fire, how to take care about the tents and many more. During the camps scouts will gain scout badges connected with camping, cooking and ecology. Team leaders will get a chance to learn how to lead their teams in practice. Local society gains youth responsible for the environment. Camps will be organized for scouts and non-scouts from the same area. We hope after every camping 7-10 new kids will join scout groups.



Tents 1500 € Cauldrons 100 € Hammocks 250 € Gas burners 150 € Information materials 250 € Total: 2250 €


Income (own sources):

250 €


Support required from FOSE:

2000 €


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