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Scout Almanac

Project objectives

We believe that scouts are not visible enough in society of Southern Serbia, although there are over 15 Scout Groups that work on a daily basis, supporting children and young people in fulfilling the mission of our Movement- Creating a better world. One of the main reasons for this is that this type of project are not realized until now.  Over the 3 months of the project we will through three different media reach to potential new members and promote all the activities of our organization.
In the South-East Serbia there are about 1,000 Scouts. Our estimate is that the number of members will be increased by 5-7%. In the third phase of the project we will cover the outreach to potential scouts and their families from whole Serbia. This phase will enable the constant growing number of members.

Scout almanac is a project aimed at:

  • Children and young people who are not familiar with the activities of the scout organization
  • Members of the organization (not only members of our scout group but scouts from whole Serbia and especially southern Serbia)
  • Parents whose children are and are not in the Movement
  • Public in general.

Implementation of the project is achieved the following objectives:

  • Increasing the number of members in scout groups,
  • Strengthening the image of the scout organization,
  • Informing children and youth about healthy lifestyles and importance of non-formal education,
  • Leaving better impact on the community
  • Informing the public about the benefits scouting brings to the young people and society at large,
  • Informing the members about the activities that our organization implemented independently or in cooperation with other youth organizations
  • Training our members for public presentation of our organization

Project description

The entire project would be in three separate channels:

  • short TV episodes
  • activities coverage in the daily newspaper
  • Website and Android application

Short TV report

TV report will indicate a large contribution of scouts to local community. On the one hand it will present scouts and scout groups who organize activities, with an emphasis volunteer work and the impact that their activities have on society.

TV report  would consist of three separate entities:

  • an overview of the previous week

In this section, talked about the scouts activities that has happened previous weekend

  • announcement of upcoming activities

In this part of episode we will present the events that lie ahead in the coming week

  • general scouting topic

This is the most important part of the episode. In this part we will present some of scouting skills. Young scouts will show their skills and try to intrigue young people to join them in fun and adventure and join our Movement.

The broadcast will be on every Wednesdays from 19h on regional broadband accredited television channels, so that young people and their parents could watch TV report, and 2 re-runs during the morning program, so that senior citizens could also to familiarize themselves with the activities.

During the duration of the project we would have 140 minutes space in prime time on regional broadband accredited television that covers the territory of 2 million residents. On this territory scouting works in 15 scout groups. Besides space in prime time we would have 280 minutes in reruns terms.

TV sequences will also be broadcasted on the YouTube channel. This will allow that the project continue to live, and after three months of the existence of the project. All scouts will be able to use this video material as a teaching tool.

This part of the project will motivate scouts groups to bring innovation in their activities. If their activities are more interesting they will have more minutes in the TV report.

The second part of the project is the creation of printed versions of the project for the regional and local newspapers.

At the end of the period of three month we will print two sheets report in local and regional newspapers. Texts and photos will be done by our scouts – for their peers.

In writing we want to recon practical experience, cooperation and spirit of the scout to carry to the young people of Nis and the whole region- experiences from the jamborees,and other scout activities- and we hope that scout program will motivate and interest parents, children and young people to become scouts. These two sheets will be printed in the daily newspapers in the south of Serbia. Circulation of the newspaper is 6000 copies/ day.

Web site design and applications for Android phones

Modern approach to quality information includes a dynamic web site that will be connected to social networks and YouTube channel and were available and after they are broadcasted/ printed. The site will serve to better inform existing members and their parents, as it will offer interactive content from scouting knowledge and skills, as well as planned activities- with features such as: calendar, push-up notifications, personalised settings, etc. All this will be accompanied byAndroid application for smart phones, which will make the project more interesting and approachable and give a whole new dimension to the information flow, communication and PR of the Movement. Over Push up notifications on Android application we will regularly inform scouts and their parents about all activities in our NSO.This phase of the project will cover the scouts from all over Serbia and it will also continue to live, and after three months of the existence of the project. I’m sure that better informed about the activities will lead to increased membership.

Except the calendar all application users through this application will be able to overcome few scouts skills: morse code, knots and scout semaphore.

Other relevant information about the project

Our scout group was a few months realized the project which was attended by members of scout groups from our city. The aim of this project was to train members of our scouting groups for public performance. They learned how to make a statement in front television camera, radio station, newspaper and other media. We believe that it is these young people should realize the main part of this project. This project would be a continuation of the previous one, where our members will in practice apply the acquired knowledge.


  1. Scout group “Mija Stanimirović”, address: Ratka Vukućevića 5, 18000 Niš
  2. Project coordinator Aleksandar Mladenović
  3. Email of project coordinator
  4. Phone number of project coordinator +381.




Creating jingle for TV show 200 €
Creating graphic design 100 €
Payments for professionals (cameraman, journalist, presenter, editor, sound engineer, arranger) 3,600 €
Equipment rental 600 €
Creating Android applications and site 3,000 €
Printing sheets in newspaper 200 €
Small operating costs (fuel, phone …) 150 €
TOTAL                7,850 €


  1. Total expenses 7,850 €
  2. Income from own sources 2,200 €

Fees professionals (cameraman, journalist, presenter, editor, sound technician, organizer), Equipment rental.

  1. Income from other sources     100 €

Graphic design


  1. Total request from FOSE 5,550 €


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