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Hungarian Scout Association – Scout Troop of Keszthely

Project name:

Scout home and accomodation near lake Balaton

Project objectives:

In this project we plan to renovate our scout home together with the parish community so that our patrols could meet in a more tidy and organized environment. Also we are going to improve and renew the part of the scout home, where we could provide accomodation to other visiting scout teams.

Project description:

Introduction of our scout troop: No. 379 Feltámadás Scout Troop has been working since 1925 in a Hungarian town called Keszthely with 60 active members. The place where we hold our scout sessions every week, store our equipment and meet on common scout programs, what we call our ‘scout home’, has been in the downtown for 30 years. It is found in the basement and the garden of the local parish office building of the Catholic Church. Goal of the project: In this project we plan to renovate our scout home together with the parish community so that our patrols could meet in a more tidy and organized environment. Also we are going to improve and renew the part of the scout home, where we could provide accomodation to other visiting scout teams. Because our town is near lake Balaton -which is the biggest lake in Hungary- tourism is bright in this area all year. In the past few years we were asked for accomodation by other domestic and international scouts who wanted to spend some time in Keszthely. Unfortunately our scout home’s accommodation capabilities were not in the appropriate state to receive them. Lake Balaton, Kis-Balaton (huge wetland habitat) and the surrounding hills provide good opportunities for hiking, cycling and water programs for scout patrols and troops, so we see the need for a local scout-accommodation. Common programs with the other scout teams are a good opportunity to get stronger relationships between the groups. Getting to know each other’s methodology, could promote the development of our scouts. We hope it could affect the growth of our troop as well. The capacity of the accommodation is 24 people. The rooms are for 4,6 and 8 people with bunk beds.There are two bathrooms and three restrooms, a small lounge, kitchen and a large size community room. Unfortunately the building was soaked last year and some of the rooms were damaged. We would like to renovate the walls, and rooms. Besides that we need new bathroom equipment. We wish to build a hot water supply. We would like to buy a new stove and kitchen tools, for example some pots and stew-pots for garden cooking. To make the rooms more comfortable we want to buy curtains, rugs and tablecloths. We would like to get shelfs, cupboards and presentation equipment for example projectors to the community room. Preparing for minor health issues we want to buy a medical first aid kit. On Fridays there are 3 or 4 patrol-meetings at the same time, which means our space is not always enough. Therefore, we would like to build a community place outside in the garden. We are planning to cover a corner with paving stones, and buy some tables and benches. A part of the scout home is located in the basement, so it is a constant problem that some rooms are not well ventilated, the air is damp and the walls cannot dry out. To solve this problem, we want to place dehumidifiers in the basement. In some rooms we would install lamps, replace light bulbs and procure tools to carry out the renovation works, to keep the yard in order, and cleaning tools to keep the accommodation clean. According to our plans, the renovation could be carried out in 1-2 months. We can contribute to the costs by having our troop and members of the parish community contribute their volunteer work to the renovation. We are planning with the participation of 20-25 volunteers to whom we would provide victualling on working days. Under the guidance of the patrol leaders, members of the younger age group can also take part in smaller jobs, so they will feel even more at home in the future. Professional works are plan to be implement from other sources The implementation of the project is not time-bound, it can be started at any time. If conditions allow, we would start in the fall of 2021 and want to finish in the beginning of 2022. We hope that the renovated property will be a more attractive environment for our scouts, so our membership can expand and our patrols could keep our sessions in a healthier, more cultured place. We are opened for as many scout as possible to join our local troop. The accommodation will be advertised on the available district, national and international forums. According to our calculations, scout communities would spend at least 30-50 nights a year here, which means at least 300 guest nights a year. Members of our troops could meet other troops on a regular basis, giving them the opportunity to build personal relationships, scout friendships, and possibly exchange relationships. Those who come here could spend their programs in a homely, inclusive environment, which can be organized in many different ways due to the environmental conditions.


Repair and maintenance costs (building materials, services) – 3450 EUR Procurement (apparatus, furnitures, other equipments) – 3597 EUR Other (care for volunteers) – 400 EUR See attachment for details

Income (own sources):

The main source of income for the project is the voluntary donations from our friends and the local businesses. We can also help the project with tenders of the city. Our scouts offer their volunteer work to the project.

Support required from FOSE:

4883 EUR


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