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Scouts for inclusion – IZI

Project objectives

The problems that we have identified are:

Young people have prejudices about people with developmental disabilities, and have a hard time accepting their integration into the society. The main reason for that is poor and insufficient understanding of children and young people with developmental disabilities, and about the challenges that they face each day.

Our goals are:

  • Create and maintain friendships between our members and children & youth with disabilities.
  • To make those with developmental disabilities not feel segregated, but as a part of the society.
  • Increasing tolerance and breaking stereotypes and myths about children and young people with developmental disabilities
  • To integrate children and disabled youth, in our organization, and make our scout group an inclusive and welcoming environment for children and youth with developmental disabilities.
  • To inform and develop mindfulness of our members about everyday problems faced by people with disabilities.
  • To organize inclusive scout activities such as: camping, hiking, fieldtrips
  • Increase the membership of the scout organization
  • Inclusion of the people with developmental disabilities in the scout organization.

Project description

This project is organized in collaboration with Association of students with disabilities (ASD), to raise awareness among our members and include children and youth with disabilities. Since this is the first project, we plan to invite thirty participants. The project will go through the following activities:

  1. The meetings of representatives of our scout group and an organization of children and youth with disabilities.

At these meetings, we would plan our program and activities, and we would start the collaboration between our two organizations, as well as forming inclusive project team.

We are expecting 10 people to be in the project team – 5 from our scout group and 5 from ASD.

  1. We would organize a workshop with the members of our scout group and ASD members.
    In this workshop, through discussions and games, our members would familiarize themselves with the challenges of people with disabilities, as well as talk about tolerance and diversity. And the ASD members would have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with scout activities. And through a mutual discussion they will try to resolve certain problems. In this meeting we would present a joint activity – a two-day drift in Sava River, with camping.
    We are expecting 30 participants taking part in this activity.


  1. Workshop 2.0 where our members through games, demonstrations and practical work would show scouts skills such as tying knots, lighting fires, raising the shelter … as well as skills that will be needed during our two day journey.

We are expecting 30 participants taking part in this activity.


  1. A drift in the Sava River, with an overnight stay in tents. During this two-day drift we would make mixed groups that would work together and support each other, there would also be activities during the night stay, such as campfire, singing, dancing and games.

We are expecting 30 participants taking part in this activity.


  1. Evaluation and Celebration – in this joint activity we would summarize the impressions of the drift and all previous activities. Scouts would present problems and difficulties of their local communities with which the children and young people with disabilities are facing, and ways to work together to overcome them. Also on the basis of previous activities we would invite them to join our scout group.


Other relevant information about the project

This will be a pilot project in collaboration with ASD that will lay the grounds for further inclusive collaborative projects with other organizations, that will result in increased membership of children and youth with disabilities in to the scout organization.

We will follow the progress of the project goals by monitoring the influx of the new members of the ASD in our unit and trough this we will determinate that the rest of the goals are being fulfilled.

Project will start on 15th of May 2018 and will end on 31th of July 2018. The main activity will be on Sava River and other will be in our scout home and at the ASD Center.


Scout group: Vasa Carapić

Project coordinator: Ana Trifković – email:

Phone :+381 63 60 60 98




Equipment Quantity Price per unit Price*
Tents 5 100 500
Boats 3 250 750
Paddles 6 40 240
Lifejackets 20 35 700
Material for workshop and training 50
First aid kit 1 50 50
Materials for water activities 100
Meals and food 30 10 300
Transport fees for the equipment 200

                   *Prices are in euros

Total expenses: 2890 euros

Income from own sources: 1100 euros

Total request from FOSE; 1790 euros


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