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“See scouts, feel scouts, join scouts”

Project objectives

  • Increasing the number of scout members in our unit (enlist 100 new members)
  • Promoting scouting in rural area schools (promotion held in 8 schools)
  • Bringing the idea of scouting to the larger public (using our Facebook page and promotion we want to reach at least 1000 children)
  • Sparking the “Scout spirit” in the rural areas (in two year period after the project to have at least one scout group that is started in rural areas that were involved in the project)

Project description

“See scouts, feel scouts, join scouts” project is aimed at promotion of scouting in the rural areas. Scouting in this moment is in most cases “city based” and we want to try out something new. City children have a lot of possibilities for different types of activities in numerous NGOs that operate in the urban area. In the rural area things are much gloomier and the “offer” is quite poor. In most cases only thing that kids can do is join football clubs or traditional dancing groups. As we have members that originate from the villages around city of Niš we want to provide them with the opportunity to tryout scouting, and as we are one of the poorest municipalities in Serbia, we want to do it for free.

  1. First step is the planning of the Camp. We want to offer them the basic scouting program and try to “hook them” on scouting. Planning of camp will be done during winter.
  2. Second step is the development of promotional material, promotional program and promotional plan.
  3. Third step is promotion of the Camp. Camp will be promoted in 8 schools in the rural areas. We will make a “Scout saloon” that will be used for all the promotion. Benefit of this “Scout saloon” is that the same will be used for promotion of scouting also after the end of the project. “Scout saloon” will be made from wood, it will be easily assemble and dissemble so it can be transported to schools where we will do promotion. It will have basic scout gear (tent, ropes for nots, compass, signal flags and other everyday scout things) that all the kids could try out.
  4. Fourth step is the scout meeting with the interested kids and their parents. Our goal is to explain the program of the project and to ensure them that their kids are in safe hands. This will be beneficial in latter time in strengthening the “network” in the rural areas.
  5. Fifth step is the Camp. Camp will be done during the school holidays. It will be 3 nights 4 days camp. We feel that is perfect for the kids because, for the first camp we don’t want it to be too long and also not to be too short. Our idea is to focus on kids aged from 11 to 15. We want to bring 70 new kids that will have 30 of their friends that are already scouts and 20 of leaders that will organize the activities and manage the kids. We will focus on numerous team building workshops, arts and craft and pioneering. Idea is that from all the activities, kids can bring what they made to back with them. Like this we want them to have a warm memories of the camp and we hope that that will motivate them also to join. Every participant will get a t-shirt and accommodation will be tents. Food will be catered and it will be a mix of everyday food and traditional scout meals. Night activities and cultural program will be handled diverse and fun so scout and non scout kids can enjoy it equally. Our group has a lot of tents but most of them are detreated and a renewal for this camp is necessary. This tents can accommodate 4 people so 20 scouts, youngest one, will have to privilege to be first users of this tents.
  6. Six step will be the intensifying the scout meeting with all the interested kids. We want to use the enthusiasm that they will have after the camp to motivate them to join scouting
  7. Seventh step is to make a hike with all of our old and new members. This will be used as the Evaluation and Celebration of the project. This will be a great opportunity for them to give their scout Oath and to “officially” become a member of our scout group and World Scout Family. This will provide us also to make evaluate the percentage of kids that joined scouts from the total of 70 non scout kids that attended the camp.

Other relevant information about the project

Scout group “Lola” is founded in 1961. Today it is one of the largest scout groups in Serbia. Our goal is to help the WOSM on its goal of reaching the 2023 goal of 100 million scouts by increasing our membership.  Our scout group has all the human capacities needed to fulfill the goal of this project.

As the Municipality in which our Scout group is located is one of the poorest one in Serbia, we want to offer something fun, useful and positive to the kids living in rural areas of our city.

Contact Scout group “Lola”

Project coordinator: Bojan Dimitrijevic -Email: -Phone: + 381.65.5.721.217



Equipment   Quantity Price per unit Price*
Meals   1200 2.5 3000,00
Transportation   2 140 280,00
Workshop material   1 600 600,00
T – shirts   120 4 480,00
Promotion material   1000 0.4 400,00
Promotion costs   60 8 480,00
Tents   5 175 875,00
Total expenses     Total 6115,00 Euros



Income from own sources: 1.500,00 Euros

Income from other sources: 980,00 Euros

Total request from FOSE: 3635,00 Euros


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