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We believe that via non-formal education Roma scouts will have an impact on other young people in their communities



Project Name: Supporting the Integration of Minority with Majority and Education of Roma Scouts

Project Objectives:
Primary objective of project:
Supporting the integration of minority scouts with majority scouts in Scouting Slovakia and education of Roma scouts
Secondary objectives of project:
–        Present Roma culture and eliminate prejudices about Roma minority
–        Expand to a new locations and get new members
–        Educate Roma leaders how to create higher quality programme in their groups

Project Description:
This project is built on the integration and support of Roma scouts. We believe that via non-formal education Roma scouts will have an impact on other young people in their communities and they will be able to create high quality programme and be leaders with knowledge in that area. Our project includes a few steps which will help us to achieve these goals. Chronological steps during the project: In March Roma leaders will be speakers at the Czech national educative workshop. Main topic on their lecture is success of Roma Project. The following month Roma scouts will organize their own Weekend workshop for new members. Perfect opportunity for Roma leaders to use their knowledge and coordinate a workshop where they will introduce the pillars of scouting to the new members. In May a weekend workshop in Bratislava full of discussions and educative activities will be organized.

Summer will be full of camps. A scout from Bratislava will prepare a camp full of inspiration for Roma scouts, they will also visit our regular camp, perfect for integration, and participate in their own summer camp in Opina. In September there will be a big event – Roma Scout Days representing Roma scouting and culture including concerts and lots of activities for public. The following month a few Roma scouts will present a lecture at the Slovak Scouts National Conference about Roma scouting. Final part of the project will happen in November on a weekend workshop full of lectures and activities about Velvet Revolution in 1989. Together we will sum up our year and review how we moved on over the 2019.

Summary of planned events described above: 

Czech national educative workshop
–        3 days, 6 people, March 2019
Weekend workshop organized by Roma leaders for new members
–        3 days, 20 people, April 2019
Weekend workshop in Bratislava
–        3 days, 30 people, May 2019
Summer camp organized with Roma leaders for Roma scouts
–        5 days, 40 people, July 2019
Visit of regular camp
–        3 days, 15 people, July 2019
Roma Camp Opina
–        3 days, 40 people, August 2019
–        3 days, 30 people, November 2019

Other relevant info about the project:

Roma scouts community has 150 members in 4 troops. During the project which started several years ago, Roma leaders gained enough knowledge about youth leadership and preparation of high quality programme. We still help them with coordination and prepare educational workshops for them. This minority is not well-tolerated by majority in Slovakia so integration is still our big priority. We are trying to integrate them to other Scouts groups, to make friendships with non-Roma scouts and we are also supporting them to participate at national events. At national events they have good opportunity to present Roma scouting, culture and share more about their activities and eliminate prejudices.


Scout Association: Scouting Slovakia
Project Coordinator: Simona Jursíková
Coordinator email:
Coordinator telephone: 00421903775010
Coordinator full address: Pri tureckom kopci 771, 900 46 Most pri Bratislave
Bank name: Tatra Banka, a.s.
Account Holder: Scouting Slovakia
IBAN: SK98 1100 0000 0026 6008 0180


Total Expenses (EUR): 9000 Eur
–        National Educative event in Czech Republic: 400 EUR (Food 100EUR, Travel 300EUR)
–        Weekend workshop organized by Roma leaders: 400EUR (Food 300EUR, Material 50 EUR, Travel 50 EUR)
–        Weekend workshop in Bratislava: 700EUR (Food 400 EUR, Material 50EUR, Travel 250EUR)
–        Summer camp: 1550 EUR ( Food 750EUR, Material 50EUR, Services 400EUR, Travel 350 EUR )
–        Visit regular camp: 300 EUR (Food 200EUR, Travel 100EUR)
–        Roma Summer camp: 150EUR (Food 100EUR, Travel 50 EUR)
–        Roma Scouts Days: 400 EUR (Food 200EUR, Material 50 EUR, Services 50 EUR, Travel 100 EUR)
–        Scouts national conference: 500EUR (Food 50EUR, Services 200 EUR, Travel 250 EUR)
–        Weekend workshop in the East of Slovakia: 600EUR (Food 400EUR, Material 50 EUR, 150 EUR)

Total Incomes (EUR):
–        Incomes by Zurich Foundation 4000 EUR
–        Incomes from participants 770 EUR

* It is really difficult with a fees from Roma participants. We try collect fees l not all participants are able pay a fee. Roma scouts grow up in socially disadvantaged families. At one weekend workshop manage to more incomes from participants than at another one. So we absolutely can’t rely of incomes from participants which are much more less than 100%. Organizators never pay and Roma scouts don’t pay a fees for example at National Educative event in Czech Republic where they have a lecture, at camp Opina and Roma Scout Days which they are organizing.

 Funding request from FOSE: 4230 Eur



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