The end of our „scout odyssey” – Poland








Project name:

The end of our „scout odyssey”.


Project objectives:

  1. Increase in the number of members of ZHP in Strzelce Opolskie by a minimum of 20 people; formation of a new troop/group. 2. Promoting scouting as a school of good education and unforgettable adventure among the residents of Strzelce Opolskie. 3. Providing the members of ZHP in Strzelce Opolskie with a safe, friendly, and community-oriented meeting place as a kind of center for local volunteers.


Project description:

The project “The end of our scout odyssey” is a response to the current need of the environment which for years has struggled with organizational and location problems that prevented it from fully focusing on educational work with scouts. Currently, after years of changing the location several times, the scouts have finally received their permanent meeting place from the Strzelce Opolskie Community, rented free of charge for an indefinite period of time. During the project we would like to arrange this place in such a way that right from the entrance it would be clear that we are in the scouts’ lodge and not in some office or common room. We want this place to become our business card and for the residents to know that there are scouts in our city and where they can be found. We also want the Scout’s lodge to be a place that stimulates creativity and at the same time is functional and safe. The final renovation and adaptation of the scouting room will be done by our troop members, parents and former scouts, who will feel that it is their place and at the same time will acquire many useful manual skills. Each troop will have its own box to store their treasures and souvenirs and other things important in the life of the troop. In addition, our activities will be directed to the people of the city, who in this way will be able to get to know scouting, which will allow us to grow in numbers and develop.


Ladder 500 PLN/110 EUR Toolbox with tools 250 PLN/55 EUR 6x window roller blind 6×25 PLN/33 EUR Burglarproof roller blind 1000 PLN/220 EUR Small waste basket 50 PLN/11 EUR Doormat 100 PLN/22 EUR Paint 250 PLN/55 EUR Paint brushes 50 PLN/11 EUR Trays 100 PLN/22 EUR Studs 30 PLN/7 EUR Studs with hook 100 PLN/22 EUR Drill machine 300 PLN/66 EUR Wood grinder 200 PLN/44 EUR Planks 100 PLN/22 EUR Nails 50 PLN/11 EUR Glass display case with shelves 500 PLN/110 EUR Glazed display case with a mannequin 1000 PLN/220 EUR 2x showcases for a banner 2x 500 PLN/2×110 EUR Scout cross 500 PLN/110 UR Fluorescent star-shaped stickers 50 PLN/11 EUR Wall shelf 100 PLN/22 EUR Overhead projector 2000 PLN/440 EUR Overhead projector screen 500 PLN/110 EUR Scout hall signage 200 PLN/44 EUR Kitchenette with installation 10000 PLN/2200 EUR

Total: 19.080,00 PLN/4.198,00 EUR


Income (own sources):

The work of volunteers and their parents as well as their own funds to cover the installation of the kitchenette (10.000,00 PLN/2.198,00 EUR).


Support required from FOSE:

9.080,00 PLN/2.000,00 EUR


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