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Association :

Scout Unit ”Brakja Miladinovci”Project name :


Contact person : Elena Gerovska

Email : elena.gerovska@gmail.com Phone : 075644400

Adress : Venjamin Macukovski br. 13, Skopje, Skopje, Aerodrom 1000 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Project objectives :

The objectives of this project is to motivate and educate young scouts to become Scout leaders. Despite learning leaderhip skills, the participants are going to have the opportunity to also learn the traditional scout skills. The main goal of the project is to produce qualified staff ready to become new leaders, and throughout the process our goal is also to increase the Scout Association of Macedonia. The core of this training is to organize a School for Leaders, where the young scouts are going to find out what is a Leader, and will find out the role of the Leader in the society. It might take at least a year to see and feel the effects and successes of this training, but on long term it will have a great benefit for the Macedonian Scout Association and the scouting in Macedonia in general.

Project description :

Our plan is to organize a 4-day School for leaders, from 26th-29th of April 2019. As a location for the event we chose the village Gradovci, which is both of emotional and spiritual meaning for the Macedonian scouts. Village Gradovci itself was a place for organizing a lot of scout trainings, scout activities, camping in the nature etc. There are going to be approximately 24 scouts, participants from all of the scout units in Macedonia that are going to be studying the psychology of the kids, their body language, the role of the leader, organizing scout activities, learning to implement the basic program of the Scout Association of Macedonia, scout methods and scout skills. The school is also going to have approximately 6 volunteers, including the lecturers that are going to lecture the participants. The participants are going to be divided in small groups of 4 people. Despite the classical lectures, the scouts are also going to have outdoor activities such as camping in the open, 2-day hike, and other outdoor fun activities. As an expected result of this event we want the participants of this school to enlarge their vast knowledge and to become leaders of new patrols in the next few years, thus increasing the number of scouts and the scout movement in Macedonia and Europe.

Expenses :

-Food expenses:300€
-Pens and pencils:15€
-Other(naills, emblems etc.):10€

Income (own sources) :

-Travel expenses: 90€
-Construction and building materials: 240€

Support required from FOSE : 1005 €

Bank information – name and adress :

Komercijalna banka A.D. Skopje ORCE NIKOLOV 3

Bank information . account holder: :

Scout Unit ”Brakja Miladinovci”

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