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National Organization of the Romanian Scouts (NORS)

Project name : Time to MOVe_IS!

Contact person : Horatiu Pop – Email :horatiu.pop@scout.ro

Phone :+40720184044

Adress :Bd. Regiei, nr. 6B, etaj 4, Bucuresti, Sector 6 060204 Romania

Project objectives :

  1. video content concept design and general story line for each MOVIS step by August 1, 2018 2. all MOVIS phases translation and customization towards meeting a general “movie-like” design by the end of August 2018 3. video content shooting, production release and promotion at least once every 2 months by December 2019 the latest

Project description :

Pilot-episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JURw8mNBXes&t=43s

Our Project aims the full 10 short-videos series design and production, videos that interactive describe the entire MOVIS life-cycle, tailored for Romanian Scout adult volunteers, but also available in ENG, FRA and ESP subtitled version for other ESR NSA’s adult volunteers benefit. The MOVIS framework (recognized at WOSM level as an excellent retention and membership development tool-kit through the renewed AiS policy) it is unknown within our NSO, and furthermore the adult volunteer’s quality and number has been identified as one of the most severe challenges for Romanian Scouting (NORS). “Time to MOVe_IS!” works as the path by which most of the 1500+ adult volunteers belonging to NORS get the opportunity to acknowledge and furthermore start applying at local level all Ais policy benefits by using online learning-tools; all which can be further used to promote MOVIS within any European NSO/NSA. This particular project is being carried over by a dedicated team of 10 volunteers part of the Adult Resources team that works as a interrelated skills task-force and will be followed by at least two complementary Adult Resources Team initiatives that are designed to articulate necessary means in which AiS tools may be better understood and accepted at local level: a recruitment caravan and the youth empowerment VENTE project (EVENT, original RO name), aka: Various, Energetic, Needed by youTh Events. The pilot-episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JURw8mNBXes&t=43s ENG sub. available) was released during April 2018 and has been received with interest inside and outside our NSO. Therefor the next episodes will follow the same guideline: scout leaders belonging to different local groups being filmed while taking part at various (MOVIS related) activities that occur in nature, plus focus switch to available material or testimonials.

Expenses :

The project general budget is EUR 5830, and this amount covers all activities that take place between April 2018 and December 2019. For a detailed budget please see the attached document.

Income (own sources) :

A total amount of EUR 2975,5 (representing 51% out of total costs) is already provided by NORS, a local scout group and local supplier support; currently the pilot episode is launched, the story line has been completed and episode one (due shortly) is under construction.

Support required from FOSE :

EUR 2902,5 (49% out of total costs) represents the grant request for episodes 2-10 production

Bank information

Banca Transilvania, Bucuresti, RO

Account holder: :Organizatia Nationala Cercetasii Romaniei

account number :RO42BTRLEURCRT0332281201



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