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Project Goals:

1. Improving the intergenerational dialogue between 10 rovers (18 to 24 year-olds), 10 ventures (14 to
18 y.o.) and adult volunteers, members of the Cluj-Napoca local group, through a common project, until
the 22nd of February 2020.

2. Ensuring the sustainability of the local group through covering the need for an extra space for
activities for the 300 scouts in the two local groups in Cluj, by restauring the functionality of a

3. Increasing the impact of scouting in the local community by restauring the roof of a common building
with social purpose, in which 5 of the neighbours have low financial possibilities.

4. It should allow for more young people to get a better meeting place during winter.

Scouting in Cluj-Napoca has grown significantly in the past 11 years, (250% growth) which is why
the need for functional headquarters for the weekly patrol meetings and larger projects of the two local
group is extremely important. One of the two headquarters is a three-room appartement in a twostorey
building with 5 apartements for underprivileged people. The roof of this building has been
damaged furing heavy rains, which has caused significant damage to the appartement and the building,
but the other neighbours don’t have the financial means to contribute to the repairs, the most
important one being the roof and attic. Another problem is that in Cluj, we have a big number of adult
volunteers (former active scouts or leaders that are less active in education but get involved in local
projects) that don’t have a framework where their work can be visible and valued to its’ true worth.
Their life experience would be extremely valuable to the young rovers and ventures that are looking for
a solution for their lack of space for meetings and projects, cubs being prioritary when it comes to
heated spaces during the winter.
Our project aims at restauring the space mentioned above through a series of 10 work activities
done by 4-5 mixed patrols of ventures, rovers and adult volunteers,from October 2019 to February
2020. It should allow for more young people to get a better meeting place during winter. These teams will
have activities divided in cleaning, restauration of the attic and restauration of the walls and bathroom,
so as to make the space fully functional again. A part of the materials have already been provided by
local donations.



Cleaning and renovation materials : (suported by us)
– paintbrushes : 20 = 18 eur
– fillers : 10 pieces = 26 euro
– emery : 2 pieces = 56 euro
– roller :10 pieces= 45 euro
-roller tray : 10 pieces = 15 euro
– Electricity reconstruction : 532 eur
– Construction materials for roof ( wood and tiles) = 1064 euro
Total : 8110 ron / 1725 euro


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