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Lithuanian Scouting


Project name:

What do Scouts do?


Project objectives:

In 2020, Lithuanian scouting is celebrating its 25th jubilee and the overall visibility of the scouts’ movement is crucial for successful development of the organization. Currently, in line with the implementation of the renewed youth programme and increasing interest among the kids to join Lithuanian scouting, the local troops face the challenge of attracting members, who would be able to lead the groups of young scouts. In many cases, the organization faces challenges of stereotypes and prejudice that scouting is only relevant for kids and youth younger than 16 years old. The main objective of the project “What do Scouts do?” is to raise-awareness about the positive impact scouting has towards the professional and personal development and increase the number of 16+ years old new members of organization. The key goal is to highlight the diversity of the scouting community and highlight the benefits of being a scout and encourage students and young professionals to join scouts.


Project description:

The main tool to achieve the objective of project “What do Scouts do?” is 10 short (1-2min) videos of different scouts in their daily professional environment, explaining how the competences and experience gained in scouting helped them in their daily life. From teachers to business owners, from social activists to engineers – the diversity and broad spectrum of professions is crucial to emphasize the added value of scouting. Main project activities: 1. Identifying 10 scouts with different professional background willing to share their story 2. Organizing the filming and production of videos 3. Presenting the videos to the scouting community 4. Spreading the videos among the social networks and other relevant media channels 5. Call to action to join scouts 6. Analyzing the impact of the project for local communities. Main participants: The main participants of the project would be the 10 scouts filmed, also the local communities engaging in participating in filming and spreading the information. 1 scout would be coordinating the filming and 2-3 involved in technical implementation. As the result of the project is digital, the possible impact of the results is not limited to specific group of people and can have impact for all organization on all levels – from national to regional. Expected results: 1. Increased awareness of the competences gained in scouting 2. At least 10 new troop-leaders joining the scout movement Timeframe: 2020 April – selection of scouts 2020 June – filming of the videos 2020 June-July – production process 2020 August-September – launch of the clips and call to action to join scouts. 2020 September – analysing of the results



3 000 eur – filming and production of videos 500 eur – promotion in social media expenses 700 eur – logistical and other expenses


Income (own sources):

700 eur


Support required from FOSE:

3 000 eur


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