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General notes and guidelines for submitting your funding request

The mission of the European Scout Foundation (ESF) is to provide financial support for the development of Scouting in Europe, with a main emphasis on projects of National Scout Organizations in Central and Eastern Europe. As a means of raising money, the European Scout Foundation developed the Friends of Scouting in Europe (FOSE). Through this initiative ESF is aiming to enable its members to demonstrate their support for the ideals and aspirations of Scouting, by contributing financially to the Movement’s growth in Europe.

Most of the support for your projects comes from Scout groups like your own, or individual Scout Leaders doing “the same Scouting” as you are doing. Thus, your project will be presented to potential donors for funding. Submitting a funding request, however, does not mean that your project will be financed automatically. One more thing: although we are keen to keep the Funding request simple, we are encouraging you to plan your project in details and to include all the aspects of a successful Scout project in all its stages.

The aim of these notes and guidelines is to assist you in filling in the Funding request and to improve the chances for your project being funded! Please read these notes carefully before starting to write your application.

Please keep in mind that we operate on voluntarily basis, so it takes us up to one month to evaluate the project.

We strongly suggest that you first consult the page “The Scout Project” before writing your application.

General notes:

The funding request should be limited to one page. If there is insufficient space on this form, please enclose the necessary documents (e.g. project description, budget sheet, drawings, etc.).

The project should come from a local Scout group and have the approval of the International Commissioner of your National Scout Organisation.

Technical notes:

  • Under Objectives of the project section, present why do you want to do this project, what changes do you want to bring in your unit/community.
  • Your objectives should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-framed and Agreed.
  • Under Description of the project section, explain briefly the project activities, methodology, number and structure of scouts/participants, timeframe, location, expected results, etc. Be precise and coherent!
  • A project, which can be realised at “any time”, should be preferred to a funding request with a “fixed date”. However, the types of projects, which can be presented, are fully open. E.g. Scout participation in camps and activities, outdoor or technical equipment, etc.
  • Note that projects related to your Scout programme, with clearly set objectives, are much easier “to sell” than projects related to computers, and / or office equipment.

Budget notes

  • Present the exact amounts needed for your project and narrative description for them in the Finance/Budget section. Indicate if you have fundraised money from other sources, too. You are more then welcome to be creative in raising more funds for better project implementation.
  • The amount requested should be between EURO 1’000. – and 5’000.-.
  • Note that a project of a smaller amount has more chances of being financed.
  • Should the project not be funded within 18 months, it will be cancelled and you will be informed.
  • Should a project with a specific timetable, e.g. a summer camp in a specific year, not be funded, it will be cancelled immediately after it was supposed to take place.
  • Please also include the full bank reference of your Scout Association / local Scout group:: Account holder, IBAN, SWIFT, Name of the bank, Address of the bank, Address of the beneficiary (account holder), Account number


  • All reports on the projects financed have to be submitted to the European Scout Foundation no later than three months after the projects are completed. In any case not later than 6 months after the grant has been received.
  • Please provide copies of any relevant documents, or photographs, that will help explain your report more fully, and serve as support for other projects.
  • The Board of the European Scout Foundation reserves the right to audit your project. Proofs of expenditures have to be kept available in your National Association.
  • The absence of reporting will with hold any other grants from the European Scout Region.
  • And, one last thing: share your results with other units in your Scout organization. Your successes might attract others to seize this opportunity!

We wish you full success with your project!

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