About the European Scout Foundation

The mission of the European Scout Foundation is:

  • To provide financial support for the development of Scouting in Europe, with a main emphasis on projects of National Scout Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • To develop the Friends of Scouting in Europe as a means of raising money to support Scout projects. The Friends of Scouting, acting as Ambassadors, also help Scouting grow through their personal contacts and expertise.
  • To increase the endowment capital in order to provide financial support for other activities of the European Scout Region, such as seminars, events, publications and operational support.

How can I contribute to the development of Scouting in Europe? You can help Scouting grow in Europe in many ways:

  • By joining the Friends of Scouting in Europe
  • Financing one or more projects from National Scout Organisations in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Making a direct donation, by cheque or by bank transfer

The European Scout Foundation is ruled under the Swiss law on foundations, exempted of all Swiss taxes, and managed by a Foundation Board in full co-operation with the European Scout Committee of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

Officers of the European Scout Foundation:

Country coordinators

Belgium            Luc “Ibis” Rubben
Cyprus              Marios Christou
Denmark          Bjørn Skjelsager & Niels Troels-Smith
Greece              Joseph Dacoronias-Marina
Iceland             Julius Adalsteinsson
Italy                  Paolo Fiora
Lithuania         Tomas Broga
Luxembourg   Claude Frantzen
Norway            Knut Slettebak
Poland             Łukasz Anaszewicz
Romania         Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag
Sweden           Monica & Olle Alsén
Switzwerland Thomas ‘Kirk’ Hirt
UK                   Alan Beavis

Board and officers

Honorary Chairman: Jørgen G Rasmussen

Chair: Vivian Fankhauser-Feitknecht

Vice-chairman and legal advisor: David Jenny

Treasurer: Thomas Schüepp

European Scout Committee: Julijana Daskalov

Board members:

Bianca Nesiu-Bedreag

Agnieszka Pospiszyl

Martin Meier 

Johan Strid

Regional Treasurer: Thankmar Wagner
Regional Director: Abir Koubaa
Last update November 30th 2021