Boranka (Paint it back) reforestation campaign – Croatia




Country :
Croatia, EU
Association :
Scout and Guide Association of Croatia
Project name :
Boranka (Paint it back) reforestation campaign
Contact person :
Dan Spicer
Email :
Phone :
+385 91 3138681
Adress :
Koturaška cesta 3A, Zagreb, Zagreb 10000 Croatia (Hrvatska)
Project objectives :
– Re-plant trees destroyed by wildfires in Croatian region of Dalmatia – Raise the awareness of general population and especially youth for the importance of forests and volunteering in the community – Organize educational workshops and educate youth in kindergartens and schools on the topic of nature and forest protection and climate change effects – Show Scouts as leaders in forest preservation activities and volunteering for community – Build a network of different organizations (business sector, NGOs, Governmental organizations and institutions, local government, educational institutions, international organizations and institutions…) and make them interconnect – Promote Scouting in general
Project description :
INTRODUCTION The project of reforestation of areas destroyed by wildfires in Croatian region of Dalmatia, named Boranka (Paint it back), organized by the Scout and Guide Association of Croatia with support of Croatian Forests LTD, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS) and Imago agency, is the largest voluntary reforestation activity ever organized in Croatia but it has also became the largest European volunteer project to re-plant trees destroyed by wildfires. The project aims at revitalizing areas destroyed by wildfires with new forests and raising public awareness about the importance of forests, nature preservation, climate change effects and volunteering. Boranka campaign gathered great number of partners, sponsors and patrons, including Canadian, U.S. and British Embassy, American and German Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, European Parliament and number of domestic ministries and other institutions. With their help, the campaign soon received large visibility and popularity throughout all of Croatia and beyond its borders. PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN In order to promote the Boranka campaign in public, whole set of promotional materials and tools has been created. Main creative “tool” of the campaign is so called Boralica – a crayon made out of ashes of pine trees burned by wildfires in Dalmatia region. In Croatian, word for a pine tree is Bor and word for a crayon is bojalica so naturally, Boralica is a crayon made from pines. 130,000 Boralica crayons were sponsored and produced by Karbon Company. Crayons are distributed throughout Croatia with the printed edition of 24Sata newspapers and through schools, kindergartens and at other public places. By using the Boralica crayons, citizens are able to draw their own tree, take a photo of it and upload it in a virtual forest – a web application specially designed for the campaign ( For every virtual tree planted, Boranka volunteers would plant a real one in the burned area. In that way, thousands of people were already enabled to participate in the campaign and as the number of drawn trees is growing, so is the number of new trees planted in Dalmatia. In addition, many famous Croatian athletes and singers became Boranka Ambassadors, thus helping promote the campaign. REFORESTATION ACTIONS Since last year, 15 reforestation actions were already organized in burned areas near Split and Solin. More than 5,000 volunteers from all parts of Croatia and abroad have participated. Most of the volunteers were Scouts, followed by students, war veterans, soldiers, hunters, mountaineers, members of different NGOs, sport clubs, Red Cross volunteers, fire fighters and so on. More than 700 employees from sponsoring companies also joined reforestation actions. The reforestation actions were personally supported by Croatian Prime minister with several ministers and Members of Parliament, Governor of Split-Dalmatia County, Mayor of Solin, Deputy Mayor of Split, British and Canadian Ambassador. Each of them planted their own trees. In total, more than 50,000 new trees were planted in 2018. and 2019. – both conifer and deciduous trees. Assistance on the terrain is provided by experts from Croatian Forests Ltd and members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (HGSS), Red Cross and firefighting departments. Technical and material support in reforestation actions is provided by the City of Split, City of Solin, Split-Dalmatia County and National Rescue and Protection Directorate EDUCATION As part of the campaign, educational activities in kindergartens and schools in many parts of Croatia are held. Students from elementary schools in Split, Solin and Zadar participate in education workshops learning about forest and environment protection, fire prevention and climate change effects. The workshops are held by experts from Scouts, Croatian Mountain Rescue Service, National Protection and Rescue Directorate and Croatian Forests Ltd. Additionally, more than 60 kindergartens and schools from all of Croatia already joined the campaign and organized different educational activities using Boranka educational and promotional materials. It is estimated that more than 10,000 children and youth participated in educational activities in the Boranka campaign since last year. MEDIA PRESENCE The Boranka campaign received excellent media coverage so far. More than 600 media publications about the campaign were published since the beginning of the campaign, including numerous articles in printed and online media, TV and radio reports, special editions in magazines etc. The campaign has also caught attention of foreign media. THE BORANKA CAMPAIGN SUCCESS Boranka has won a first place prize at the International Media Trends Festival “SEMPL” in Slovenia for the best experiental campaign in 2018. It also won a prize for the best non-profit campaign in Croatia at the Impact 2019. Conference in Belgrade. One of the biggest recognition for the Boranka campaign came with the prestigious Effie Croatia awards, which celebrate the effectiveness of marketing communications. These awards are bestowed on the best agencies and advertisers for outstanding market communications in the areas of creativity, strategy and market achievement. Croatian Scout Association’s Boranka campaign won this year’s Grand Prix Effie and the Gold Croatia Effie. Boranka campaign also won Best in show award in Mixx competition for best digital campaigns and a gold at IdeaX competition for most creative campaigns. With these awards, Boranka campaign became the most awarded campaign in Croatia in 2019., staying in front of all other commercial campaigns and famous brands with huge advertising budgets. This is also the first time ever a non-profit campaign won a Grand Prix Effie award, leaving all other great commercial campaigns way behind. This August another recognition was received for the Boranka campaign at the Creativity festival Balticbest 2019 in Tallinn. Boranka won double gold in Promo and Activation (Gold) and Public Service PR (Gold) In September Boranka campaign won a Balcannes lion at the Weekend media festival, as the best regional (Adriatic region) campaign voted by the clients jury. At the same festival it won a Somoritanca award as the best digital campaign in the region with a higher cause. The biggest recognition for Boranka came this October with winning the gold Euro Effie award in Bruxelles, the most prestigious European marketing efficiency award. This is the first time in history that a campaign form Croatia has received this award, but also first time in the whole region, which makes the Boranka campaign the most efficient campaign in the whole region. Sponsors of Boranka campaign: IKEA Coca-Cola British Embassy DM Renault Raiffeisen bank OTP Bank Heineken TELE2 Arriva DB Company L’Occitane Sindikat Preporod (Croatian Union of school teachers) Janaf – Oil company INA – Croatian oil and gas company Croatian Lottery HEP – Croatian national electric company Viking Air – Canadian manufacturers of Canadairs Karbon Jamnica City of Split Split-Dalmatia County Zadar County City of Zadar City of Solin Wiener Insurance FINA – Croatian national financial agency Korea Scout Association Boranka campaign is one of the Messengers of Peace (MoP) supported projects. Media sponsors of Boranka campaign: 24Sata – biggest Croatian newspaper NovaTV – biggest commercial TV in Croatia Outdoor Akzent B1 Plakati Supporters of Boranka campaign: European Parliament Ministry for Demographics, Family, Youth and Social Policy Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Science and Education Ministry of Environmental protection and Energetics WWF Adria Greenpeace Embassy of Canada Embassy of the United States of America American Chamber of Commerce In order to continue the Boranka activities in future, the Scout and Guide Association of Croatia is starting an international crowdfunding campaign, due to start in November 2019. In the campaign, ESF is proposed to be one of the strategic partners, helping with networking and financial management of the campaign.
Expenses :
• Volunteers for year 2020 (cca. 4,000) o Transportation – 21,000 EUR o Food – 12,000 EUR • Planting equipment o Seedlings and seeds – 4,000 EUR o Gloves – 5,500 EUR o Minerals for planting – 1,000 EUR o Transportation of equipment – 1,000 EUR • Promotional materials and activities o Design and layout – 6,000 EUR o Crayons packages (20,000 pcs) – 5,500 EUR o Print (brochures -80,000pcs, leaflets – 100,000 pcs, posters, billboards) – 5,000 EUR o Online promotion and advertising – 3,500 EUR o Photo&video production –6,000 EUR • Educational workshops o Educational materials and equipment – 2,500 EUR o Transportation expenses for tutors – 1,000 EUR • Organizational expenses o Transportation of organizing teams – 2,500 EUR o Food, lodging and other expenses – 1,500 EUR TOTAL – 78.000 EUR
Income (own sources) :
14. INCOME: • From crowdfunding campaign – 38,000 EUR • From sponsors – 36,000 EUR • From donations – 4,000 EUR – TOTAL – 78.000 EUR
Support required from FOSE :
No financial support needed form FOSE, but we appreciate the partnership and the help with the financial management.
Bank information – name and adress :
Bank information . account holder: :
Bank information: account number :
Bank information – IBAN :
HR 5624070001100022695
Bank information – SWIFT :


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