Build a sailboat – Slovakia




Country :

Slovakia (Slovak Republic)



Scouting Slovakia


Project name:

Build a sailboat


Project objectives:

Our sea scout troop is moving from scout to ranger age. In their personal growth they need to overcome new challenges and gather new experience. The idea of building own sailboat came after last camp, when we had borrowed sailboats from sea scouts located in Banska Bystrica. They mostly liked it and wanted to advance in their sailing skill. We would like to improve not only our team-work between rangers and adults but also do handywork. Building togethher a sailboat is a great option to develop cowork skills. Rangers will gain new experience with wood and tools. Adult scouts will also gain a new experience in mentoring and guiding our rangers. Building a sailboat opens new options and activities in our troop. Our objective is to build one gypsy class sailboat during upcomming winter months with our ranger scout group supervised by adults. Sailboat wil be build according to recommended plans with cooperation with sea scouts from Banska Bystrica. We have enough room for storing it, and some tools required for build. We have our workroom where we will build it. There are many water areas near Bratislava, where we can use sailboat to develop sailing skills. Estimated end of the project is in middle of April 2022.


Project description:

Our main method of learning will be learning by doing. We will also have some experienced sea scouts to aid us. The group that is involved in this project is made of: 2 external sea scouts from troop that already built a sailboat 3 adults from our sea scout troop 6 rangers from our troop Timeframe of project: start of the project 24.11.2021 1. Assignment of tasks in group 2. Buy necessary materials and tools 3. Building a base frame 4. Boat lamination 5. Sanding and coating 6. Test ride end of the project 15.4.2022 The project will take place in troop Kontiki´s scout den in Bratislava Our expected result is, that we will have better collaboration between adults and rangers in our troop, develop some skills in crafting or guidance and improve sailing skill. We also expect that our rangers will take care about something that they build by themselves.



Wood – 500€ Sail fabric – 300€ Mast and rigging – 200€ Lamminating ang coating material – 250€ Screws and glue – 50€ Personal protection equipment – 100€ Tools – 100€

Total 1500 €


Income (own sources):

Personal protection – 100€ Tools – 100€

Total 200 €

Support required from FOSE :

1300 €


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