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Association :

Scout Association of Macedoni

Project name :

East Macedonia scouting start up

Contact person :

Robert Gjoshev

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Adress :

Krushevska Republika 69 2-5, Shtip, Macedonia 2000 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of

Project objectives :

GOAL Our main goal is to promote the Scout Group Equinox and recruit new scouts which will result in increasing the number of active youth in our municipality that will grow to become productive, included and essential for the decisions that are made in this city. While we try to achieve the main goal, we will try to paint smiles on the faces of the interested audience and spread positive energy. Specifically the project has goal to establish reputation of the newly establish scout group in Stip and to integrate 60 new young people in Scouting.

Project description :

Problem and need

Apathy among the youth – The apathy among the youth in Shtip is on a critical level. Only small percent of the young people in our city are active in the non-governmental organizations. This represents a crucial problem because of this apathy the youth is excluded from making decisions that affect them, they don’t bring anything new and innovative in the society. With this the society does not move forward, it just stagnates.

Unpopularity of our scout group – As a newly formed scout group we face the unavoidable problem, not being popular and recognized by the citizens in our city. In the current situation, with all the apathy that is common in the society and the deficit of finances, we as a scout group, find it really hard to recruit members and promote the scouting as part of the informal education that has a goal to create a better world and healthy youth physically and emotionally that is included in the society.

Because of all the reasons that are mentioned above, we need to change something and make a move that will bring us closer to resolving one problem after another, so that in the end we can make impact in our city and on the behavior of the young people that live in it. Target group The targeted group, that will be the most suitable for this kind of project, are students in their 7th, 8th and 9th grade from the elementary school “Slavejko Arsov” – Shtip. We will cooperate with the principal of the school and some of the teachers who are willing to help us.


Activity 1 Promotion of Scouting to the young people of Shtip Presentation about scouting – includes history of scouting, scout method & principles, scout laws, the activities of the Scout Association of Macedonia and the local Scout group Equinox – Shtip.

Showcasing camping equipment – allows to the potential members to get in touch with the equipment that scouts use when in nature.

Rope knots and their usage – working with small groups the scout leaders will introduce the students with the most used knots and where/when are they used. After showing them, he will assist every person separately to do the knot correctly. This represent direct usage of the scout method in practice.

Rope pulling – using the square knot that the students learned to tie we will organize a competition in rope pulling. With this we will have lots of fun and also prove to the students that the square knot can’t be pulled apart no matter the force used. For the winner group of this competition there will be an award (ice cream, badge, certificate for participation).

All of these activities are planned to be realized in 40 minutes, this is because we want to make sure that the students stay focused and don’t get bored. The activities will be repeated with different classes of students. The activities will be mentored by experienced scout volunteers from S.G. Equinox – Shtip.

Activity 2 Integrating Young people in Scouting Camp: We are the scouts!!! It is essential to give an opportunity to people to whom we presented the scouting where they will experience the life of the scouts and what are the usual things that are most common among the scouts in our country. We can achieve this with organizing a two-day camp, in cooperation with the Scout Association of Macedonia, in Istibanja (village that is distanced 40km from Shtip). Participants will be accommodated in tents, provided by the Scout Association of Macedonia. All the participants will be separated in groups with a leader that will be responsible for the participants and their needs. The group will have to choose its name, symbol and chant that will represent and make them unique among the other groups. After the groups are separated, each member will introduce himself with his name and a fun fact about him. Each group will do a team-building activity that will make the participants comfortable with each other and the group leader.

The camp will contain several activities, such as: • Rafting river Bregalinca – Bregalinica is the biggest river in the east region of Macedonia and the Scout Association of Macedonia has organized rafting on it several times. They will provide the rubber river rafts and all the safety equipment (helms, life-saving jackets, ropes). Also, in every raft there will be an experienced scout that will lead the group of potential scouts. • Polygon activities – this is a group of activities in a specific order that offers a diversity of games in which the participant s will compete with each other in a fun way. Games that are part of the polygon activity are: slingshot aiming and shooting into empty cans that will be put on a reasonable distance, bag jumping on a short track, walking through the “laser field” (ropes that will be set up as an obstacle which the participant must pass without touching them in order to earn points), taking out coins using a fork from a bucket filled with dirty water. • Archery – using the bows provided by the Scout Association of Macedonia the participants will have an opportunity to learn how to use bow and arrow, its history and usage. This will be presented by a scout volunteer from the Association. • Basic survival skills Fire and types of fireplaces – a scout volunteer will show how to build a fire, to the participants, using the materials that they find. After this, each group of participants will have to build a fire that will be high enough to burn down a thin rope that will be set on a specific height. The time that is needed to complete this activity will be measured and points will be given to the fastest group. Clean water – scout volunteer will present which waters are safe for drinking in nature, how to filter water using different techniques (boiling, with layers of sand, using chemical elements). At the night, we will build a big campfire and gather around to sum up the day and listen to the experiences of the participants. The specific agenda of the camp will be made by agreement with the Scout Association of Macedonia. All staff that will be part of the camp are volunteers. Before the camp, we will organize a meeting with the parents of the participants where we will explain the activities, the staff and will hand out printed info-pack where they can find all the information about the camp, also on the meeting we will answer all of their questions regarding the camp.

Expenses :

Basic Scout Equipment : 200 EUR
Camp t-shirts (60 x 5 EUR) : 300 EUR
Scarf : 200 EUR
Transport to camp : 400 EUR
Food for camp (60 young people x 5 EUR x 2 days) : 600 EUR
Materials : 400 EUR
TOTAL : 2.100 EUR

Income (own sources) : Participants contribution (60 x 15 EUR) : 900 EUR

Support required from FOSE : 1.200 EUR

Bank information – name and adress : Central Cooperative Bank – Skopje, Str. 1732 No. 2, Macedonia, 1000 Skopje,
Bank information . account holder: : I.O EKVINOKS SKAUT SHTIP
Bank information: account number : 320 14002768711 94
Bank information – IBAN : MK07 3201 4002 7687 194
Bank information – SWIFT : CECBMK22


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