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The objectives of this project are to give a unity to all the events dedicated to explorers and also to make organiserser’s life easier. We wish to see in real time the numbers that show that scouts are interested to profit off national/international/non-scout opportunities. Another objective would be to help explorers find inspiration in the projects that other scouts from a different scout group did and apply it in their communities. This will be done through the scout blog.

This project consists of an application that scouts can use on their phones and computers . This platform will gather together the entirety of the explorer period, meaning that you will not find just events and camps but also keep track of your personal progress and merit badges. Throughout the years we realised that leaders forget about the explorers story frame and that in order to receive a merit badge you need to fulfill some requirements. We hope that scouts will become more conscious about their personal progress and with the help of the app to take actions and have more initiative. Beside the fact that you can sign up to an event on the app and not search for it on social media constantly, another feature would be the online payment. This should help organisers to keep track easily of the people who submit their payment and who still did not. New camps and deadlines will be notificated through the “push notification” technology. If a friend is interested in joining the organisation, they can find the most suitable scout group on the platform,helping more young people to be active citizens and live by the scout method.

Nevertheless, the National Organisation is going to support us in building up this platform by providing us their knowledge about the needs of the organisation in order to fulfil them. The personal profile that is existing in the database of the organisation will be easily accessed within this platform and all the details from your personal profile (name, age, allergies, food preferences, contact in case of emergency) will be used in order for the organisers to #beprepared in any situation regarding the participants.

Taking in consideration explorers needs and wants we will make a survey that will help us to provide more features for them in order to make it more educative. Some of the funds are going to be used to promote the app throughout the year at the scout events and by the time it will be launched everyone will be familiarised with the EXPLO APP.


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