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The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association


Project name:

First aid skills for every child


Project objectives:

Prepare and conduct first aid course for team leaders and children – promote first aid in a local society – 3 leaders will participate in Qualified First Aid Course


Project description:

First aid skills are absolutely key skills for every responsible citizen. Scouts should have that skills. They should be leaders in first aid. Unfortunately, without necessary equipment there is no possibility to prepare a course for them. Children come from excluded rural areas. There is no money for courses like this. Team leaders will prepare series of trainings in their teams. Subsequently scouts will conduct trainings and demonstrations for local society. They will also prepare action to promote first aid in the village where they live. It will be also an opportunity to promote scouting. To raise the quality of first aid education 3 leaders will participate in Qualified First Aid Course – this is required by Polish law for everyone, who works with kids (under 18). They will get national certificate which is necessary to be a leader on a summer camp. During the courses scouts will gain scout badges connected with first aid. Local nurses, doctors and firefighters will help team leaders in this educational process as a volunteer.



Manequins 800 € First Aid Kits 300 € AED educational version 250 € Quallified First Aid Course for 3 Leaders 700 € Projector 250 € Information materials 250 € Total: 2550 €


Income (own sources):

Working hours of doctors, nurses and firefighters who will lead the courses for children. They will work as a volounteers. 5 people x 20 € per hour x 25 hours of courses = 2500 € Total: 2500 €


Support required from FOSE:

2550 €


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