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Estonian Scout Association

Project name:

Forest archery as a method to combat digital addiction in youth

Project objectives:

The objective of this project is to offer an active and educational alternative to the younger generation’s digital addiction. This will offer practical skills that can give our scouts an advantage in adapting to real life challenges, helping them to think and act quickly and independently. Through the gear that we hope to purchase, we intend to promote Scouting in Keila and help to keep up interest in the scouts that we currently have. Whereas youth often turn to virtual activities for adrenaline, we intend to show them that actual activities provide a much more rewarding experience. Up to now we have provided our youth with a more technical program (hiking, camping, climbing, building, basic survival skills). However, there is a clear desire for more exciting activities such as archery or marksmanship, which could compete with video games. If we can offer this, we can create an advantage for scouting in Keila versus other hobbies and activities. Our specific objective is that all of our district’s scouts should have base instruction in archery and the ability to develop enough skills that they would be useful in the wild, as well as in competitions within our unit. This objective would best be met with our own equipment.

Project description:

The Keila District has been operating for over five years, and our focus on practical scouting skills has made us popular among local youth, as well as among other scouting units in Estonia. We are planning to develop this project with support from the local government and the parents of our scouts. Within the scope of this project we intend to purchase 10 bows with all of the corresponding equipment, including a safety net and 4 shooting mats. This should allow simultaneous activity for up to 8 scouts/participants. The Keila District has actively promoted scouting at public events every year (with the exception of periods under COVID restrictions). As a result, our district has maintained a stable membership, with new cubs every year. FOSE funding is important, as the parents of our scouts are generally not the most affluent, though they tend to be more active. We attempt to receive public funding, but due to the huge variety of societies that look for public funding, we do not receive very much. There is an archery range near Keila that would be suitable for the initial training. The Keila District also has developed its own forest base that would be suitable for practice.


Longbow Falco Robin 54” (3) -270 Longbow Falco Legend 68” RH (6) – 1080 Longbow Falco Twin 68” (1) – 170 Arrow safety net (10) – 400 Children’s arrows (30) – 150 Wooden arrows (30) – 210 Aluminum Arrows (10) – 90 Arrow Holsters (10) – 200 Shooting gloves (10) – 150 Hand guard adult (7) – 150 Hand guard youth (3) – 45 Shooting mat (4) – 260 4 Base training up to 8 participants 960 Hunter round(50) 50 TOTAL:4185 EUR

Income (own sources):

1125 EUR will be from our own sources. We have collected money from our parents as well as local businesses. We have also applied for 500 EUR from the Keila City government.

Support required from FOSE:

3060 EUR


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