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Learning by Doing: VSC Renovation

Project objectives
There are 562 scouts in Vilnius district right now and around 400 of them attend their weekly troop meetings in Vilnius Scouts Centre (VSC). VSC has become a second home for scouts of every age and is the main location for district’s events and leader meetings. The last renovation of the facilities took part in year 2000. Over years of frequent and intense scout activities VSC has reached a state where minor touch-ups and repairs are not enough. Full renovation of the facilities is mandatory to keep scout activities going.

After discussing the current situation, we have decided to use this opportunity to endorse the spirit of learning by doing and leading by example and invite explorers (age 14-18), rovers (age 18-29), volunteers (age 18+) and scout leaders (age 18+) of the district to plan, supervise and execute the renovation process.

Our main objectives are:

  1. To enable explorers to be involved in all stages of the renovation process. We expect at least 30 explorer scouts (5 scouts from each explorer unit in Vilnius district) to have participated in at least one stage of the renovation process until the end of the year. This objective will allow explorer scouts to cultivate their responsibility and volunteer for the benefit of the whole district.
  2. To involve members of all scout groups in the project. There are three main scout groups in Vilnius district that rarely have a chance to participate in activities together. This objective will allow members of Vilnius district to grow as a team, strengthen connections with each other and prepare explorers for their future as scout leaders.
  3. To improve our teamworking skills, learn from each other’s experience as well as develop new hard skills.
  4. To have comfortable, appealing and renovated facilities for daily scout activities. Achieving this objective will not only increase the quality of scout activities but will allow us to open the facilities for other youth organizations. This objective will be achieved once all 7 sections of VSC (5 rooms, corridor, and restroom) will be renovated.

Project description
Our project will be separated in three main parts – planning, renovation, and celebration. The timeline of the project may be affected and slightly delayed due to the government issued safety rules regarding COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Gather a team which will be the main leaders of the project (4-6 members from rover, leader and volunteer units). Team should be formed until June 30th.
  2. Organize at least 3 meetings for the coordinating team, explorer participants and other volunteers. Purpose of these meetings is to review facility plans and previously gathered information, discuss and finalize the plan for the renovation. Final plan of the renovation should be prepared before 20th of July.

The process of renovation is expected to last from 1st of August to 1st of November. Process will be split into smaller sections, covering one out of seven areas (5 rooms, corridor and restroom) at a time. Time required to renovate each area will differ according to the complexity of the work required, however the same process should be followed each time:

  1. During the first meeting, tasks for the area will be reviewed again and separated between the participants. It is expected to form smaller groups of 1-3 leaders and 1-4 explorers to work together on each task.
  2. Teams are assigned a deadline and can decide their own schedule.
  3. Once all tasks are completed, participants move on to the next area.


Renovation of Vilnius Scouts Centre has been a dream for scouts of Vilnius district for a long time therefore it is an important achievement to celebrate. We plan to organize a celebratory pizza party in the renewed facilities for all leaders, volunteers, rovers, and explorers. Celebration event should take part in November.

The expenses will need to cover tools and materials required for the project and food for the celebratory event. Approximate calculations for the required materials were prepared based on the facility plans:

Income (own sources)
Our main income source for this project is the finances gathered from scout camps, membership fees and voluntary donations that are usually used to fund district’s events and activities. Our groups are ready to collectively cover 2000
EUR of the total costs if we will not manage to gather enough funding to cover the full renovation.
Additionally, we are trying to contact companies for funding in form of materials required for the renovation. However, no other sources of funding have yet been confirmed and lack of financing may cause the project to be postponed.

Support required form FOSE
3500 EUR to help cover the costs for required materials.


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