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Project name:



Project objectives:

The aim of the project is to create a network of mentors, whose task is to support and develop the troop leaders’ work in the Hungarian Scout Association. With the help of this network we want to improve our scouting program and want hungarian scouting grow. We believe that with the help of a more qualitative troopwork (eg. REAL programs) we can reach and keep more kids in the scouting movement. Some outputs in numbers: We want to train 30 mentors, each will work with average 5 troops (in total: 150 troops). It will allow each troop to recruit or keep 10 more kids after this project. In total it would give 1500 engaged children in scouting within 2 years.


Project description:

Target audience The training focuses on those scout leaders (preferably older then 20 years), who have relevant experience in leadership or have been troop leaders themselves, and are keen on helping the scout groups in their spare time. What are the competencies we tend to improve during the training? Mentor’s personality, empathy, positive communication, coaching, facilitation, information gathering skills, making contact, building trust, revealing problems, evaluation, target setting, strategy building, reflection, knowledge of WOSM programs and Sustainable Development Goals. How do the scout teams benefit from the program? The role of the mentors in the movement is, first of all, to support, develop and coach the scout leaders to be able to encourage more kids to join scouting. Second of all, to be a bridge between the scout troops and the management of the scout association. A volunteer mentor is responsible for 3 to 7 scout groups ideally. This way we can assure that the mentors are not overwhelmed and that we have geographical coverage over our association. The program is open for Mentors from all over the coutry. Structure of the training The training is open for 24 attendees, including candidates from Hungary. We will have an international trainee group of 6 people. We start the project with online recruition from July 2020. After this summer period, we will recruit candidates from adult (alumni) scouts during a hungarian scout festival (Gubacs Fesztivál on Facebook) – the target audience of this festival is adult scouts with families – on 25-27 September. The whole project consists of 5 training sessions. The first one is an online course and the last one is a field project focusing on the specialties of the local scout troops mentored in the future. One session is going to be covered by internal resources, therefore we would like to cover 2 training sessions by The European Scout Foundation – FOSE, which means 4 nights altogether. The project will start in September 2020 and end in June 2021. Outputs of the training 1. The tool of the mentor is their own personality. Since every mentor has a different personality, we help them in deepening their self-knowledge and teach them the basics and techniques of handling interpersonal relationships according to the aspects of mental hygiene and health. 2. The work place of the mentor is the movement, the scout groups. Since the needs differ by districts and groups, we teach the mentors how to identify those needs based on the given situation with multiple methods. We also teach them how to set proper goals and plan long-term strategies and evaluate them. 3. The methods of the mentor are flexible and can vary. To make sure they own a colorful palette of methods we teach them multiple styles, aspects and techniques for individual and team work facilitation as well. 4. The mentor always knows which methods and tools to use minding the goals and personalities of the involved parties. We help the mentors to define their own style and create their portfolio via the teambuilding in the mentor’s network. Once the training is over, the mentor’s network (led by the head of the network) provides intervision for the mentor to support their personal work.



Expenses: 9754 EUR Accomodation and catering for 3 weekends for 30 people (6 nights * 30 people) Equipments, materials for every trainee to help their long-term job (eg. books, games, stationery, badge) Trainer fees See details in the attached file.

Income (own sources) :

Income (own volunteers or other internal sources): 4783 EUR Accomodation and catering for 1 weekend Room rental for 2 weekends Trainers Online course, field work


Support required from FOSE:

1 765 000 HUF (approx 4971 EUR)


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