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The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association


Project name:

Printing faceshields for medical personell


Project objectives :

The project have two objectives :

  1. Printing and distribution of faceshields for medical facilities in the region including hospitals, nursing homes, mental nursing homes, hospices for paramedics and other medical personnel in the city and the region.
  2. Aiding the elderly, lonely people form the Covid19 risk group and quarantined people with their day to day needs including but not limited to shopping for groceries, shopping for meds, taking care of pets (walking dogs, veterinary visits etc.), tutoring for kids.


The timeline planed for the expenses and the activities is till the end of June 2020 with possible extension.

Expenses :

  • 3D printing machines (Wanhao duplicator i3+) – 17 stations – 7200 EURO
  • Filament – 1000 EURO
  • Plastic prefabricated elements for face shields – 500 EURO
  • Service elements for 3D printers – 500 EURO
  • Electricity bill – 800 EURO
  • PPE for volunteers – 500 EURO
  • Provisions for volunteers – 1000 EUR

Own sources : 10300 EURO

  • 15 3D printers – new stations being assembled but 12 already functional – 7200 EURO
  • Filament – first batches of faceshields ready and have been sent to hospitals – 800 EURO
  • Filament – public fundraiser has been set up and is ongoing in the nearest future it will enable us to spent 1500 EURO on the filament.
  • Electricity bill – 800 EURO


Support required form FOSE : 3500EURO

Elements of project expenses to be funded by FOSE

  • Filament – the material for printing (1 KG of filament ~ 15 EURO = 16 faceshields)
  • Plastic prefabricated elements
  • Service elements for 3D printers (ie. Printer nozzles)
  • PPE for the volunteers – ca. 20 packets (facemask, gloves) / day
  • Provisions for volunteers – including 1 hot meal or sandwich, access to tea and coffee – ca. 20 provisions per day


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