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NORS – Group Aetos

Contact Person:

Floarea Iacobescu

Project Name:

Progressing locally – catalogue

Project objectives:

1. Creating a catalogue with orientative activities for the newly established eXplorers and scouts patrols, with a concise, clear and easy to follow structure, approved by the National Program Team of the organization. The catalogue will be published only in digital version to reduce the carbon footprint of paper to reduce the carbon footprint of paper and print consumption, so it can be easily accessed by any leader or assistant leader in preparation for weekly patrol sessions.

2. Development of teamwork – during the course of the project, the participants will go through all the stages of team development (Forming, Training – storm, Normation, Functioning). This way, they will understand how the whole process works, how they can make their work more efficient and how essential each member of a team is.

3. Improving the technique of applying their own experiences – As previous direct beneficiaries of this kind of weekly sessions, the participants will learn how to structure and implement their own vision as a result of their personal experience.

4. Improving the ability to synopsize, filter and structure large chunks of information – guided by experienced facilitators and members of the National Program Team, participants will develop their critical thinking and creativity, putting together all the ideas they will have for developing such a catalog, learning to sort different types of information and their importance, as well.

Project description:
Currently, at national level, our organisation desires to create an indicative framework for working with children and young people so that there is a minimum quality standard of education in the activities we implement. Our team noticed that the organization lacks a centralization of the activity files and a sorting of them according to the progress systems
specific to each age branch. Identifying this need, we set out to organize a program for 10 eXplorers/rovers from our local group. At the end of it, we will have a catalogue of activity sheets for the first-years in scouting, for patrols of eXplorers and scouts. Therefore, we set out to open the call to the eXplo and rover units in our group through a form and we will choose the most suitable ones according to clear criteria, established previously. After confirming their place in the program, the team members will get to know each other, have teambuilding sessions and start working on the catalogue. We plan to bring external guests to present and discuss with them what the creation of such material entails, guests including NPT (National Program Team) members to ensure that the final product meets the quality standard of education that the organization proposes. In spring, the participants will organize meetings/outings to test some of the activity sheets and make the necessary corrections. Finally, at the National AG the official launch of the catalogue will take place.
Bank account information

Bank Information

Account Holder Organizatia Nationala Cercetasii Romaniei National Organization of Romanian Scouts

Bank Information

Name & Adress Banca Transilvania Alba Iulia Square no 2, Bucharest, Postal code 400027 IBAN: RO42BTRLEURCRT0332281201 SWIFT: BTRLRO22

Spendings supported by FOSE:
Transport 100RON x 15 pers =1500 RON – 315 EUR
Materials 500 RON – 105 EUR
Food 80 RON x 15 pers =1200 RON – 250 EUR
Participants T-shirts 30 RON x 10 pers = 300 RON – 65 EUR
Accomodation 200RON x 15 pers = 3000 RON – 625 EUR
Total price(supported by FOSE) 6500 RON ~ 1360 EUR
Spendings supported by local group:
Trainers – Approx 400EUR (2 trainers)
Design and editorial – 200 EUR
Total price(supported by local group): 800 EUR
Total Budget: 2160 EUR


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