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Hungarian Scout Association

Project name:

Renewal of a central budapest scout place

Project objectives:

In the year of 1989, the hungarian scouts had the opportunity, that after the communist leadership, we could rebuild the scout troops and life in Hungary. In the first district of Budapest, downtown, our troop is still working today with more than 70 members. We have lots of programmes in the year, we used to have scout guests from hungary and abroad and our place is often given to regional programmes. That is the reason why we decided to renew the whole scout place. We have a little and a big room and a medium sized court. The little room was renfurbished last year, in this year we would like to continue it with the big room and the court. The room and the court now is in a quite bad condition. The aim of if that our scouts could work in a modern, new place and when we have guests they also can enjoy the benefits of a renewed place. Of course it will be healthier to work there as well as we could save sove money because of the modernization.

Project description:

In this year we would like to renew our scout place’s big room and it’s court. The place is in a quite bad condition. After the renovation of the place, the scouts could work in a new, modern, healthier and economical home. We used to have guests from abroad and of course hungarians as well, so they can also have the benefits of a new and nice place. An important thing is, that we would like to involve the scouts in the renovation, so they can feel the volunteer work as well.


The total cost of the renovation is approximately EUR 6200. I attached a budget file to the application.

Income (own sources):

We have some money saved for the team for special reasons, and we would like to take our scouts into the work, as volunteers. It is also good for them, because in high scool they could get volunteer points for this work. Of course, we would like to have sources from the parish, the government and the self-governmnet of our district and the capital city. I attached a budget file to the application.


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