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Project name:

Tents for summer camps


Project objectives:

Provide a possibility for children to participate in a summer camp by getting ´podsada´ (scout wooden tent for two – picture in the attachment) – very traditional tents used by Slovak scouts for almost a century.


Project description:

Our scout group ’61. zbor Modrý oblak Pezinok´ has been active in the field of work with the youth since 1990. In 2020 we have 178 registered members of all age groups. Most of our activities take place every week through patrol meetings. At these meetings, we usually have a yearly programme which has its climax during a summer camp. Our summer camps take action on a meadow in a forest. The number of their participants is about 70 children and volunteers. They mostly sleep in ´podsada´. However, our ´podsadas´ are time-worn and their condition is getting worse. Therefore, we would like to provide new ones, so we will not be pushed to reduce the number of our participants and even more – we will be able to get more children to join a summer camp. Time frame: September 2020 – a producer of wooden tents is contacted and 25 pieces of them are ordered – the sheets for tents are ordered December 2020 – a transfer of wooden tents and sheets are ordered and realized March/April 2021 – an instruction of pitching the wooden tents for volunteers is realized From July 2021 – a scout camp with new tents for children is realized every year.



3750 € – 25x wooden tent (podsada) – 25x 150€ 3500 € – 25x sheet for a wooden tent – 25x 140€ 1600 € – Transfer of material 8850 € – TOTAL


Income (own sources):

Our scout group will finance the sheets for wooden tents (3500 €) and transfer of material (1600 €). Our sources are membership fees and 2% of income tax (in Slovakia, people can donate a part of their taxes to an organization of their choice)


Support required from FOSE:

We apply for a support of 25 wooden tents – 3750 €



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