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Latvian Scout and Guide Central Organization

Project name:

The Start box

Project objectives:

The goal is to ensure tools ( a start box) for the scout units who operate the 1st or 2nd season, to provide 1st basic tools for smooth enter into the scouting.

Project description:

In the last 2-3 years, 10 new scout and guide units have been founded and started working with youth. Most of them are in rural areas of Latvia (Druva, Brocēni, Stāķi, Rēzekne, Jēkabpils, Zaķumuiža and other places) We would like to provide them with basic equipment, to give them a kickstart for their activities. This equipment will assist them in developing basic outdoor skills whilst practicing scout methods in their activities. All the leaders in the units are voluntarily working with children and youth to help them grow and develop their character and skill set. “The Start box” would help them to develop to a new level.


The objective for the project is to support 8 newly founded units, who don’t have experience with fundraising and need the material support to continue regular high quality activities and can expand their outdoor skills. (2/10 units already got support from the local city council). Each unit has 10- 50 kids, so with this project we will ensure that around 200 scouts/ guides have tools to experience his/her first outdoor experience and great teamwork. This will also give a unit feeling that they are more independent on the basic equipment and no need to borrow things from others or leaders won’t have to buy it from their own funds. Kids will learn responsibility to take care of their own things. It is very important that basic equipment is safe and used by the same people. The Start box would include: A Tent, An ax, A Saw, A Shovel, Ropes – small and bigger ones, Pots for cooking on the fire, Methodological materials – cards with most important information on different topics, A box itself, Scout and guide history books, Markers, Knives, bowls, cutting board, Fire striker flint, Shelter material, Carabiners, Pencil case, folder for papers, Backpack – where to put materials for every week activities (as they don’t have permanent scout houses, leaders carry things with themselves every time), First aid kit. More about Latvian Scouting and Guiding

Expenses :

8 units x 600 euro = 4800 EUR — 600 EUR: Plastic box with a lid 13 Aluminum pot 20L 65 Cast iron pot 10L 40 Ax with a sharpener 50 Bow saw 14 Shovel 14 Folding shovel 20 Waterproof match box 2.4 Fire striker flint 14.9 Ropes 40 Different smaller ropes for knotting 40 Tent/ shelter material, 2 sizes 18 Alpine Kitchen Knife 10 Bowls, cutting board 10 Sugar, salt and necessary spices 4 Backpack 60 Pencil case, folder for papers 4 Markers 2 Scout and guide history books 60 Methodological materials – cards with most important information on different topics 0,30 x 10 different cards x 20 person 60 carabiners, 1 euro x 20 pieces / unit 20 First aid kit 38.7

Income (own sources) :

History books: 8x 60 = 480 EURO ( from Latvian Scout and Guide foundation) Methodical materials 480 EURO ( from different projects)

Support required from FOSE :

3840 EURO


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